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Hi, my name is Murtagh
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The love of Dragon Riders 3

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By Murtaghlover1 Send DollMail
Created: 2007-06-24 20:11:24 All stories by Murtaghlover1

I woke up the next morning to Thorn snoring in my head. I grummbled and got up. I looked out the window near the dragon stable. " Okay Thorn I'm up I'm up." I saw that Thorn and Saphira were both laughing. I looked over at Eragon he had that same ticked off look I did. We gave each other a ' We'll talk later look.' and closed our windows. I got dressed ( The picture is what Murtagh looks like. Just make the hair longer and black and he has midevil clothing on.) and left. As I was leaving I saw Arya and Elana. Elana was crying in her sisters shoulder while Arya was speaking in elvish to calm her down. I walked forward. I gave Arya a ' Is it alright if I take over?' look she nodded gave he sister to me. I held Elana close to me and rubbed her back. I looked at Arya.

" What happened?" I mouthed out.

" Father is dead." she mouthed out. I went wide eyed and held Elana closer to me. Arya strocked her sisters back. While I stroked her hair. After a little while she finally calmed down told her sister something in elvish and went into her room. Arya followed. " Stay here Murtagh." she said. I put my ear to the door and I could hear their conversation.

" Arya when is it going to hatch?"

" I don't know. It should hatch for you." Arya said.

' Hatch? Does Elana have a dragon egg?' I thought. I looked through the key hole and sure enough on a pedestal there was a white dragon egg. I saw Elana touch the egg. Then it started glowing.

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Posted On: June 24, 2007
yay! okay still confused about the parts though
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