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Hi, my name is Isadoˇr
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The legend

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By Bitzzy_ Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2006-09-29 17:04:20 All stories by Bitzzy_
The Legend.

In a dark cave it's a cursed girl sitting and waiting for her moment to fall in love, but that's not a good thing. When she falls in love she will die. For three years many different men have asked her to be his wife and they're been broughting gifts to her. "Well, I'm a very beautiful woman," Isadoˇra thinks. She is wath every man can dream off, long blonde hair, green big eyes... she has a great body. She's like a Legend. She lives in a town name's The Doll Palace, it's one big castle that everybody lives in. The people here are called Dollz. But Isadoˇr has the bad luck to live in a cold and dark cave on a mountain near the palace.

The biggest problem Isadoˇr has is her big green eyes. If she'll fall in love her eyes first gonna kill the one she loves, and then she will die becuse of a broken heart.

One day a man jumped in to her cave and asked hwo she was. Isadoˇr thought that if she didn't tell this man enything, she would be leaved alone. But she was wrong, the man kidnapped her and took her to his ship. Just to know more about The Doll Palace and where the treasures is. He was a pirate, a good looking man Isadoˇr thinks, it was something with his face and personality that woke a warm feeling inside her. He got pearls in his long brown hair and a hat that he was very care off. His pirate clothes is dirty but it doesn't matter. His name was Captain Jack Rowling, a fine name. Jack was very fond off Isadoˇr but he didn't care off his feelings. All he thinks about is treasures. Gold. If he just knew that Isadoˇr dress and acessories are made by gold. "Ha!" Isadoˇr laugh for her self at the dirty dinner table. She was a houstage on a ship, how will she find love now? At her time on this ship many men has tried to force her to do things that she didn't want to, but Jack rescued her from the smelling men.

It was a summerday when Isadoˇr desided to sail to the south with the pirates. She left her cave and brought all off her gold with her. When the Captain saw her stepping on the ship with bags full of gold and silver he clapped his hand and smiled to her.

"I didn't know that you had bags of gold!" he strached his hands to get the gold but Isadoˇr draged the bags from him.

"This is MY gold," she said and then she went to her room. She lies on the bed and smiles when she think of Jacks face when he saw her with the gold. "Is it just the gold, or is it me?" Isadoˇr said quitley to her self.

"Captain, why doesn't you marry her, she is a very fine woman you know. And everybody knows you're in love with her," said a to short pirate to the Captain.

"Well, I know that, Claus. But i don't think that I'm un uff for her," Jack was turning his eyes to the horisont.

"You're wrong, captain," said Claus and then he went to his friends.

Next day Jack asked if he could talk with Isadoˇr private, but on his ship nothing is private. Isadoˇr and Jack went in to a room and shut the door, and the crew stood outside and pushing they're ears on the door.

"Isadoˇr, I think I've been fallin' in love with you. You're a beautiful woman." the Captain looked in to Isadoˇrs eyes. Isadoˇr new whats happenig with her, she couldn't see it before but now it's all clear. She's in Love. She bend her head and starred on the floor. She don't want this man to die.

"I'm in love with you to, but... I have a problem with that."

"And what's that problem?" Jack tried to lift her head but she kept starr at the floor.

"I've been cursed, if I fall in love and look this man in the eyes. He will die, and my heart will be broken and then I'll also die," this is the first time she ever told this for enyone.

"Thats nonsens, there's no curse. Look in to my eyes and tell that you love me. Then we can see if there's a curse or not," said Jack. Isadoˇr wanted to look in to his eyes. Maby this is just a joke? Isadoˇr looked Jack in to his eyes.

"I love you." Jack stopped breathing and then he falled down dead on the floor.

"NO!" Isadoˇr cried over Jacks dead, for maby a minuet or a day. She just sat there and cried.

"Isadoˇr, it's okay. You can look up now." That was a very familiar woise, it was Jacks woise!

"Jack?" Isadoˇr jumped up and kissed him. "You're alive!"

"Well, uhm... That's not quite right, my love." Isadoˇr looked around and realized that shes not on the ship enymore, it's a happy place.

"Is this heaven?" she asked.

"Yes, my love. This is heaven. And were here together." Jack kissed Isadoˇr again.

Finally the Legend is gone.

The End.

I'm sorry if my English is not very well.

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All My Stories
Posted On: October 3, 2006
thanks ;D

Flushing, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: October 2, 2006
Yah. There are some grammer mistakes. But great story very original.
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