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Hi, my name is Ember
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The death of Chris...-please read, you WILL cry!-

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By KimKitten Send DollMailSend EmailAIM
Created: 2005-10-28 18:07:36 All stories by KimKitten
There was a girl named Ember, she was 17 years old and in her Senior year at high school. Ember had a dear little brother named Chris, who was 13 years. He did a lot of things for everyone. Ember misses the days when she was 10 and he was 6, she'd used to play games with him and everything, he never pouted about anything, he took what he got out of life, good or bad, and just let it go. Let's continue the story by going into Ember's Point Of View.

"Ember!" Chris said running up to me. "Yay! It's you! I missed you!"

He was coming out of the hospital, he'd been in there for 2 weeks because he had a skateboard accident, which made me feel deathly guilty I gave him that for his birthday, but it was last year. He'd gotten really good at skateboarding, until 2 weeks ago.

Chris hugged me, then kissed me on the cheek. We were BEST BEST friends. If we weren't related, then we'd be good for boyfriend and girlfriend.

"I missed you, too!" I cried. "I prayed for you every night! It was getting boring in the house without you!"

He gigged. "It was so boring in the hospital, that I kept asking the nurses to tell me jokes!" He said.

We both laughed. I haven't had this much fun for two weeks. Lol. Well, I hope it lasts!

"Hey," Chris said. "Let's go home! Where's Mom?"

I just realised Mom wasn't currently with us.

"She didn't come, she was...sleeping. I just missed you SO much, I wanted to pick you up myself! You're right...we should head home now!"

I got in my car, that I got for my 16th birthday, then waited for Chris to get in. Then we drove off.

While driving, I was talking with Chris about...stuff. Then about 3 minutes later, I'd been staring at him, but only looking at the road every 8 seconds, Chris yelled.

"WATCH OUT, EMBER!!" Chris shouted frighteningly. "WATCH OUT FOR THE--"

I suddenly looked infront of us...then a truck zoomed right into us, I shut my eyes. I couldn't wait for the horror to end, but to my surprise.

I opened my's bright in here. Suddenly, I gasped. Chris! Omg...I was about to cry, but he might still be alive. I crossed my fingers and prayed. Oh no, I realized this was my fault. Chris could be dead...and I was the one responsible. Mom's going to be really mad at me!

I cried, I didn't feel the pain on my body because the pain of guilt was strong enough to rid me of that pain.

The nurse came in. "Hey...oh, it's you. From that car accident? Ouch. You were the driver, right?" She asked.

I nodded weakly, "Yes, I-I am...Is Ch-chris...d-d-dead?"

"I'm so sorry," She replied, her eyes were wet with tears. "He...there was no way he could've made it. I am so sorry, are you alright?"

My head started spinning. I broke out into a long, loud "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Tears were constantly falling out of my eyes, I could never forgive myself for this, NEVER!

My Mom suddenly ran into the room, tear-soaked, and hugged me, sobbing.

"He's gone, Mom..." I said weakly. "It's all my fault...I shouldn't ha--"

"Shh Shh," My Mom replied quietly, raising her index finger to my mouth. "It's no ones fault, if it was yours, I'm not any bit mad at you, and you won't get punished, just do what Chris would have done, let it go."

"How can I let his death go?" I asked, now in stronger voice. "How can I have Chris leave us, leave will his friends find out?"

She shook her head. "Let's just go home."

"Mom, are you kidding?" I asked. "I'm almost dead myself, you should be thankful I'm still alive, and...talking. I won't be able to walk for weeks!"

Then she started crying again. "I brought this for you, whenever you get sad, look at it and remember all the good times you had together..."

She handed me a picture, told me she loved me, then left.

I turned it over, it was a picture of Chris and me, Chris was 3, and I was 7...we were hugging eachother. I closed my eyes, and pictured it. Then I fell in a long, deep sleep...I dreamt that, Chris was still alive, and we were in the car...I pictured the truck, then drove away from it. Chris didn't die...I never wanted to leave this dream...but I soon will have to.

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All My Stories
Posted On: November 4, 2007
To be honest. Are you looking at the date? I wrote it when I was 12. I'm not telling you to change your mind but hey, that's good writing for a 12-year-old. This was 2 years ago, I'm 14 now, and a much better writer.

All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
that was sad!

Ripon, WI
All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
I like it, but no tears, although one almost came out.

River Forest, IL
All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
this was a great story.. . I cried on the inside!!

Czech Republic
All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
It wasn't very sad, sorry to say. I laughed through about half of it. No offense. O__O

¤ Alix

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
It was good...but it didnt really make me cry

Albany, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
I'm very sorry if this was real also. good story.



All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
hi im very sorry but i didn't cry when i read your story it just not long enough to be sad for me. It was good though.

p.s. please check out my story:

All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
Oh..... That's so sad! I didn't cry, but I should have, really... My uncle lives in mexico with his mom dad and his four brothers.... he's eight years old, I know that's weird, but I really love him and I would cry for weeks if he was gone. What a sad story,

Union, KY
All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
I'm so sorry if it was real.If you want to read my stories, check my new poem called Swinging in Clouds.I hope you'll like it.

All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
It was real good but not tear material 4 me. sorry.

ps thats weeird she wants 2 d8 her bro

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: October 7, 2007
Yh really sad and that but not quite tears for me. But i still admire your writing

Rhiannon xx

All My Stories
Posted On: October 6, 2007
Tears, falling down my face...

Lake Saint Louis, MO
All My Stories
Posted On: October 6, 2007




All My Stories
Posted On: October 6, 2007
wow, i really hope tht you dont know how awful car wrecks are when ur in them, i hope you dont know from experience. i feel so bad for her. wow. poor them, poor Chris.
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