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Hi, my name is Jade
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The best night ever(so I thought)(Jade's Turn)PT5

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Created: 2005-02-18 20:33:20 All stories by
~~~READ PART 1 2 3 4~~~ (this ones a lil differant)

Why is this happening? Why? He is so cute though! he wants to r**a**p**e me!


I should have never come with him and told him I'm 16. I'm just 14. I'm just Jade


Jake said to trixi "put this on and act like a pr***ost**itute... You too Jade"

he was reffering to 2 tiny towels a blue one for me and a yellow one for Trixi.The doorbell wrang."Ah... our 1st customer!" Todd said.



A man walked in about in his 40s." hello sexy girlys".he said." lay on the bed".We did as we were told.He took off hid clothes and his thing stuck straight up! I just wanted to have s...ex when I'm married! I thought. "you there in the yellow go in the d**a**m**n

bathroom. I did.



Trixi got up and went into the bathroom. Oh no hes gonna f****c**k me! I thought. " he ripped my towel off and started to lick me down there.then he put his thing inside me and it hurt so much.....



gotta think, trixi,!!!!! yes!!!! a phone i can call 911!

so I did. "hello? I'm at 164 kennman drive my friend is being ra*ed!yes? ok please hurry! bye" ok the cops are coming.....


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Posted On: April 13, 2006
5.please d-mail me when da nxt prt comes out please.
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