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Hi, my name is Alexandra
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The Wolf Girl

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By Tara_Tarja Send DollMailSend EmailVisit Website
Created: 2006-09-04 15:29:16 All stories by Tara_Tarja
It was a dark time. Everything stod in fire. People got shot and everybody screamed. It was a war world couldn't belive. Two people, a woman and a man carried on something special. A child who was born on the wrong century, a child who had power to make peace.

- Hurry up Jenny, we can't stay here for any longer.

- No Steve, we can't leave her here.

- We don't have time for this, just leave the child here. We must hurry.

Jenny looked a last time at her daughter and laid her on the ground.

- Bye my little angel. Bye my little Alexandra.

I could feel something in the air, it smelled like a human. But how could that be? Almost everyone died in that attack from the airplanes. I could here someone cry.

- This way everyone. I feel something.

We ran to the ruins and the screames became louder. We sniffed and... There it was. A little child, lying on the ground.

- It's a little baby, only a few days old. What should we do with it Marisa? I suggest we eat it. It looks delicious.

- No Artemis, we have two choises. Keep it or give it to the humans. I suggest we keep it. In this situation the humans are afraid of everything, we should leave them alone.

- We can't keep a human in our flock.

- Now you keep your mouth shut.

They took the child and walked away.


- Rebecka dear, don't go to close to the forest.

- No mother, I wont.

It was a sunny day in May. Rebecka 5 years old and her family was on a trip to an old museum with items from the war. The year was 1955 and the war began at 1941. It was a war between the different worlds. Weapons against mankind. A butterfly flied over Rebeckas head, it was beautiful.

- Wait for me!

Rebecka ran after the butterfly. She didn't notice that she ran into a girl.

- Hey, watch it.

Rebecka looked up on the girl, she screamed. The girl looked afraid and screamed to.

- What is it Rebecka? Is something wrong? Do you want an...

Her father came running but became quiet when he saw the girl. The girl was Alexandra.

- What do you want? Leave my child alone you awful girl.

Alexandra was all covered with mud and twigs. She had long black hair and a T-shirt. Out of the forest came six wolfs. The leader Marisa and her son Artemis, showed their teeth and barked.

- Mother, what are they doing?

- I don't know dear. I think this girl is with them.

Alexandra opened her mouth.

- I have to find my parents, could you help me.

She talked very strange, as if she didn't know the language.

- My wolf parents are getting old, and I will just make things worse for them.

- How old are you? Where are you coming from? I've always wanted an older sister.

Rebecka smiled and jumped up and down.

- I'm 14 years old, I come from here. Marisa found me in the ruins from the war.

- Can we take care of her? Please father, please!

- Well I think we can afford her. If the wolfs are OK with it.

Alexandra turned around and hugged her friends goodbye.

- I'll come back some day. I promise.

- I will watch you Alexandra. We will always remember you.

- Bye mother.

She walked away with the family and they learned her everything about the world.

It was big and pink, it was the TDP university. It was Alexandra's first day and her little sister was going on the school between. She had her best friend with her, the wolf Faith. She found her parents, but they where dead. Probably they where shot. She where going to study about animals and their behavior. On the TDP university nothing is impossible.

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Posted On: October 3, 2006
plaese make #2

Torrance, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: September 25, 2006
this is cool. five stars. *****

Chicago, IL
All My Stories
Posted On: September 4, 2006
I LOVE ARTEMIS AND MARISA! love love love em!

Chicago, IL
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Posted On: September 4, 2006


Yep! Yes I do!

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