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Hi, my name is pirates vs fairies
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The War Between Dream Relms

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By fuzzypinksocks Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-17 15:25:17 All stories by fuzzypinksocks
The little family sat down for diner. Timmy was 5 years old, Anna was 4 years old, and Sherry was 16 years old. Sherry wasn't at diner that night because she was at a party with Alex. Timmy sat on the chair to high for his feet to touch the ground, he chased his peas around his plate with his fork. Anna never ate much, so mother only gave her a spoon full of everything. Father worked all the time he was hardly ever home for diner. Which ment that the family stared at an old empty plate at the end of the long diner table.

Mother walked the children up to bed. They both shared the same room, Anna's bed was purple with fairies and flowers imprinted on it. Timmy's bed was blue with pirates imprinted on it. Mother tucked them in, said prayer, and promised she'd send daddy up to say good night when he got home. Mother went back down stairs to wait for Sherry to come home.

"Hello there human," called a voice from behind a bush.

"Who are you?" Anna called back

"Well of cource you must know...I am the greeter of this here town!" the voice was now very annoyed.

"Are you a...a...a fairy?" Anna asked carefully trying not to make the voice more mad.

"DuuuuH!!! Humans!" The fairy flew off in a huff.

"Wait come back i'm lost!" Anna cried.

Anna looked far off in the distance and saw a brown a nd black sighn.

"Stop right there las! State your purpose!" There a tall bald man stood in the shadows.

"I...I don't know how i got here i suppose i'm lost," Timmy said.

"LOST!!! Thats not good. Well bye, off to find burried tresure."

Timmy look far off in the distance and saw a white sighn.

They both ran as fast as they could not stopping untill they...ran into eachother.

Timmy told his little sister to run this way toward the black and brown sighn. She did.

Timmy found a gold pendant on the floor, he put it around his neck. The bald man was gone but Timmy did notice someone else, actually there was a whole town. Anna told Timmy about the fairy, but he didn't believe her.

Timmy reconised the town from his favorite book. "Treasure Planet"

The Woman wore dresses the men wore armor and the pirates wore hats, belts, coin purses, and leather.

"Wait a minut pirates! Coooooooool!" Timmy announced.

They walked into town and met up with the bald man again.

He told them a boat story and sent them to visit Maple The Head Pirate.

"Hello are you Maple?" Timmy asked.

"Yes and you must be Timmy,"

"How did you know my name?"

"I know all."

Maple spun around quickly in her old wooden chair. She looked down apon the two kids in pajamas and chuckled.

"Hey! Why are you lauphing at us?" Anna exclaimed.

"So, this is what the fairies sent over to destroy the pirate population." Maple thought outloud.

"Fairies!!!! ha ha hahhaha! They don't exsist!" Timmy yelled.

"Are you calling me a liar?" Maple asked.

"No, sorry." -Timmy

"We are fighting over the Doll Palace." Maple began, "Who ever gets the Doll Palace controlls the population of both worlds. So you must go to the fairies and tell them were ready to fight!"

"Why can't you?" Timmy rudely asked.

"I must take care of my monkey" Maple replied "Now go!!!"

Off they went, but this time Timmy followed Anna to the white sighn.

They met up with a group of fairies, they told of a time without pixies and sent them to Annahaunana leaf. As they walked Timmy apaologized for not believing her and gave her a big hug. Meanwhile a black pixie ripped Timmy's necklace off knocking him on his butt. The pixie yelled pirate. And Timmy had no time to get up so he told Anna to run, and here take the pendent. She always listen to her older brother. The other black pixies took Timmy away.

Anna saw Annahaunna leaf and told her what has happened. Annahaunna leaf told her to go to the Doll Palace and bring with her a pink fairy pendent and a gold pirate pendent.

She took the pink pendent and the gold pendent with her to the Doll Palace. There she put both of them together and set the on the front step. Suddenly, the ground split in half the sky turned gray, the trees turned purple, the buildings turned brown. The worlds colided together and it was because of the two pendents. Now the only one who controls the population is two kids. One in a night gown and one in pajamas.

"Slam!" Sherry walks in.

"Sherry where have you been is 11 pm!" Mother yelled.

"Slam!" Father walks in.

"Hi Honey! Go up stairs and say good night to your kids."

He gently kisses them on the forehead. Both kids woke up.

"I'm sorry did i wake you up?" Father asked.

"No dad we just saved two worlds from fighting" Timmy explained. While Anna nodded.

Father walked downstaires and ased his wife about their kids and just chuckled.

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