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The Truth

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By PsychoKittie Send DollMail
Created: 2013-12-29 03:12:31 All stories by PsychoKittie
People will look,stare,point,judge,and laugh.

Just cause of what they think.

Not what they know.

The way you dress may say how you feel,

or how you wanna look.

But it never says who you are.

You could be 72 and be more goofy than Mr. Bean.

You could be 16 and already be in college.

You dont just know the whole story by the picture.

Everyone asumes by how u act and dress you like a open book.

But not me.

My whole life I tryed to make people laugh.

I would make funny sounds.

I would dance like a chipmunk on a sugar rush.

Just trying to make people laugh I made them think i was crazy.

But my confidence was high.I didnt need to say i was normal or cool.

Because I was.

I would let people think how they would

but it was their loss they never opened into my life farther.

I never judge.

I never point out a persons flaw.

I never laugh at someone for a mistake.

Because I know how it feels.

I was a "loser" to everyone

but i wasnt.

The world was mine for the taking,

to see my way of it.

to find out the truth.

Its a battle.

the world is a battle.

Their are things that can out rank us.

Kill us.

Rule us.

But It could be seen as a challenge.

The world is what u make of it.

It will never be perfect.

Just like this poem.

Its not even like a poem.

It changes subjects like a firework.

But thats just it too!

It makes things much smoother and interesting.

But remember.

The world is yours to mold.

You find your friends.

You can plant ur trees.

You can get a family.

It just depends on how.

and why.

and with who?

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: January 2, 2014
If I have rated this then you are expecting a comment so yeah this kept me reading though most things don't and was kind of amusing but at the same time sincere... 5 stars...
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