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Hi, my name is Jessi & Aaron
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The Truth behind Jessi & Aaron

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By brittanykowaleski Send DollMailSend EmailYIM
Created: 2006-09-27 14:31:53 All stories by brittanykowaleski

Jessi was sitting alone in her room blasting her Aqua CD and crying. She just found out her best friend was killed in a car accident. Jessi had been friends with Alyce forever; or at least since 2nd grade. Alyce was the pretty BLOND popular girl. Jessi was the unpopular brunnette average girl. Jesse's mom walked into the room. Jessi's mom was dressed in her usual heels skirt and matching T-shirt. This meant one thing. She was going on a date. Jessi's dad died two years ago. Jessi's mom was a beautiful redhead with emarald green eyes.Jessi's mom Denise tried to calm Jessi down but Jessi kept crying. Alyce was Jessi's only friend sometimes she wondered by some twist of fate they were sisters seperated at birth. Alyce had an older brother named Aaron whom she adored.


Aaron was listening to his usual Linkin Park CD when his mother came in and told him the horrible news. He started shouting and said that they were lying to him and Alyce would be home in a few minutes. He had just talked to her a few minutes ago. Alyce was riding home from school with Calli, one of her friends. Calli was talking on her phone when they went off the road. Aaron was Alyce's big brother.Aaron's parents were depressed when they found out about Alyce. Aaron thought of his little sister as more than his sister but as one of his best friends.Aaron had alot of friends who came over quite frequently.Aaron was a "jock". No one knew but, Aaron had a huge crush on his little sisters bestfriend, Jessi. He thought she was perfect.


Jessi walked into her homeroom class. Everyone was in black. Jessi was in her big black sunglasses.She sat down and waited for a popular girl to comment about her outfit like they always did. No one said a word in homeroom. The bell rang. Everyone quietly exited homeroom. The warning bell rang. Jessi knew there was enough time for her to get to her next class. Math. She hated math. But she had Alyce in her math class so she dealt wth it . Now that Alyce was gone she hated math more than ever. The teacher said they wouldn't be doing their scheduled work. They later found out that the reason they wouldn't work was they were having a memorial day for Alyce .


Calli showed up in 2nd period. She was in a sling and a wheelchair. She only broke her left arm and her left leg.Calli got her liscense revoked. Her car was totaled. She was all scratched up. She was teary-eyed the whole class.She probablly felt the worst out of everyone else.She had to leave in 3rd period because she was crying so much.


After school Jessi was suprised to see Aaron waiting for her by her locker. Aaron offered her a ride home.She replied with a sure!!!!! Aaron and Jessi were silent half the ride home. Then Aaron got brave and asked if Jessi wanted to come look through Alyce's stuff to see if she wanted anything.Jessi said sure. Jessi walked into Alyce's room. It was exactly like it was yesterday when she went in to see her before school.

She looked around.She saw the necklace that Alyce considered her lucky necklace. She forgot to put it on that morning. She asked Aaron if she could have the necklace. He said sure it wouldn't look good on him anyway. She put it on. At that instant she felt a warmth go through her body.


Aaron thought man that looks great on her. Aaron decided to do the unthinkable. He got a dry throat. He though to himself that he coundn't do it , that surely some as pretty already had a boyfriend.But he had to try. He said, " UHH.. That necklace looks great on you. Uhhhh... are you busy later I mean if you are that's fine but uhhh.... I was wondering if you'd wanna hang out later????" Jessi though to herself OMG!!!! I didn't know he liked me!!!!! OMG!!! She managed to say," S-s-sure! I-I-I'd love to."

They went out for pizza and the night ended with a kiss on the lips.


The next day Jessi woke up and was glad to still have the necklace. She decided to look like a "GIRL". She put on her make-up differently. She put on girly looking make-up. She put her hair up. She walked into her room and put on a pink camisole top with a white polo shirt over it. She decided on a black,white and pink tweed skit with black leggings. She put on her black Stilletoes her dad bought her before he died. When she walked down stairs her mom was shocked. Her mom said," WOW!! You look like a girl for once!! I have to take a picture of this." Jessi ran back upstairs when she realized she didn't have on the necklace. When she walked back downstairs her mom was talking to Aaron. Jessi blushed. Aaron said, "Wow! You look amazing!" Jessi just smiled. Denise grabbed her camera pushed Jessi and Aaron together and took a picture and asked Aaron , " Do you want a copy of this one for your mother???" He shook his head yes.


Jessi told Aaron of a place she went online. It was called The Doll Palace. She met Alyce on The Doll Place. She logged on to TDP. She discovered that she had several messages fom Alyce. From the day of the accident. Impossible. Alyce died that day. They were all under the subject HELP ME JESSI!!!. Jessi opened the first one nothing. She opened the rest still nothing. Then she realized Alyce wasn't the one in the car with Calli. She must have gotten out somehow before the car crashed.But where was she.Aaron couldn't believe what he saw. They knew for a fact that Alyce had died but how was she sending those notes.Then Jessi realized all of the clones knew the password to her TDP account. The clones were Alyce's other friends. Nicole, Ashley , Britni, and Meledie. They were all the rich popular girls. They were playing a trick on Jessi. They all called Jessi by her real name Jessica. They said if she ever looked better then she would go by Jessica and be one of them. Jessi beat them up for that.


Jessi and Aaron soon confessed that they liked each other since they met. Aaron told her he wanted to marry her. When Jessi's 17th birthday came around, Aaron bought her a car. Aaron then proposed to her. She happily excepted. The next year the day of Alyce's birthday , when Jessi was 18 and Aaron was 20, they were married. They soon found out that they were going to be parents. Jessi's mom, Denise finally settled down with some guy she met . Alyce and Aarons parents moved to Hawaii. When Jessi and Aaron's baby was born it wasn't just A baby it was 3 babies. Two girls and a boy. Jessi and Aaron named them: Alyssa,Alyce, and Jesse James.


Jessi and Aaron lived what alot of people would consider happily ever after but, I would say that they had a good life . Most people consider them to be a "perfect" family, but I think they deserve a nice family after what they went through to get it.



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Bluewell, WV
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Posted On: September 27, 2006
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