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The TDP Story Section Guide for Beginners

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By crumbula2 Send DollMail
Created: 2011-12-03 00:13:06 All stories by crumbula2
The Guide

Hello there. It seems you are reading this because you are new to the Doll Palace Story Section and want to know what it’s all about. Well have no fear, because this guide will cover all your questions and presumptions in a concise, understanding way. That is our guarantee.

You’ve stumbled into the erratic, insane, hilarious world of the Story Section. Now remember the first rule to surviving in the galaxy: don’t panic. Like most things with the exception of Lee, we do not bite. With that in mind, we, the Chipmunk Resistance Team, would like to welcome you with open arms, plenty of cupcakes, and an arsenal that brings Fort Knox to shame.

As you enter the pearly gates, donot be intimidated by how big the Palace actually is. We share our food and internet access as long as you are neither a troll nor Skyyler (*See dictionary for more information). Amongst the girls of TDP, we also generally live with our fictional characters. These teens and sometimes cats, are very important in our daily lives.

To begin, it would only be fair to state the expectations of every member of the Story Section loud and clear. Be sure to measure up to these standards if you want a healthy, fulfilling life amongst a bunch of eccentric writers.

1. All writers must write. Our TDP-SS slogan is and always will be: ‘If you bash your writing, we’ll bash you! With a shovel. Or salamander.’ Now, keep in mind that while you are not inclined to post every day, it is important to remain a regular poster in order to keep stability and happiness among your colleagues.

2. All writers must read, rate, and comment on posts they see are deserving of their bad attention spans. It is generally frowned upon for someone to only write, and never read.

3. Be courteous at all times except when threatening someone to write or in the event that competition ensues. Clearly, you don’t want to cross any lines.

4. Check the Story Section whenever you can. We don’t want it die, now do we?

For a detour, it would most definitley be time to introduce you to the TDP Dictionary. This is to be used for reference in the event you donot understand what the hell we are talking about.

Abzoud - (v), the act of throwing forks at boys, camera crews, or random people who happen to be within range

CRT - (n) the Chipmunk Resistance Team; Earth's only defence against the furry, mutated forces of the Weasel, led by Lee McLunatic and driven places by Shannon McSpatula, the designated driver; a gang of enthusiastic, hyperactive, well-armed teenage girls who go around beating up genetically-altered forest rodents and return to their base in a suburban bedroom to write stories

Gwowabap - (n), a Mustachio, Skyyler, n00b, Weasel henchman, or similar nuisance to the CRT; a disturbance in the CRT force

Ferris Whee - (n) a common fairground or carnival attraction, denuded of it's L. Because Lee's a jerk, and she stole its letter.

Twirus - (n) an infection of the brain cells, causing the inflicted to lose all sense of literary appreciation or taste, coat theirselves in glitter, and try to find a 107-year-old vir.gin to marry. Spread by bite or proximity. Kill any infected with the Twirus upon sight.

Fiddledoodlers - (n) an exclamation of any emotion, in place of words one would prefer not to use

The Whale - (n) also known as the ban button in avatar chat; The Whale is the savior of sanity, the hero of grammatical correction, and the champion of modesty. Don't underestimate the damage gwowabaps would cause without intervention by The Whale.

TDP fic - (n) a story of sheer awesomeness, detailing the adventures of the CRT in innumerable situations

Poof - (v) to disappear suddenly from avatar chat, usually because of lagging but sometimes because of the backspace button or that stupid little X at the corner of the tab

Skyyler - (n) the most annoying eleven-year-old to infect this site with her presence. A Skyyler can further be defined as anyone stupid enough to think we'll believe she's a different person each of a dozen times she changes her account. Skyylers refuse to let a conversation's topic waver from themselves, have the spelling know-how of a severely-concussed antelope, and plagarize pathetically, blaming such illegality on their sisters, whose ages will change every conversation.

Skyyler definition 2: evil incarnate; possibly an eleven year old girl, although it’s nearly definite she is six or seven. She lies frequently. In fact, she never tells the truth. Her name is in all likelihood not even Skyyler, but we can’t call her any of the other twenty names she’s given us because then things would get confusing. She never takes responsibility. She blames everything on siblings or aunts that don’t exist. She makes up sob stories about death and despair that change all the time. Most importantly, she’s a plagiarizer. Just when you think she’s learned her lesson, she plagiarizes again. She’s had about fifteen different accounts, all registered under the location of Owensbro, KY, with usernames that usually come attached to numbers 1-3 and a false name. We would very much like to murder her, but that’s illegal.

Slantify - (v) the act of making a word SLANTIFIED

Now that the dictionary has been read through, it’s time we introduce ourselves, yes?

And just who are we? Why, teenage girls who delight in adding random, rather cheesy rhetorical questions in their posts, of course! As well as being the Story Sectioners—inhabitors of this vast realm of basically any story you could ever think of writing—we are also saviors of the world even when no one knows about it. We are the Chipmunk Resistance Team, which battles the Weasel and his chipmunk minions, because they're evil. And we live in Erin's room.

We are normally featured in TDP-fics. These can be written by anyone, and always include the Story Sectioners and their fictional characters as main characters. They are generally meant to be funny and entertaining.

But who is in this CRT you may ask? Well, it all begins in an asylum…

Lee McLunatic was placed in Creekside Asylum a few years ago when a man found her speaking to her very real voices, Keichira, Dusk, and Winona. We don’t know why this man was such a fool to think that would stop a Saturnian, but I digress. She woke up in this awful white place and was stalked by a freak named Storm. Ultimately, with the help of a friend named Luke, Lee escaped Creekside and found herself running towards Erin McEnchilada’s home.

Erin McEnchilada is a nerdy, intelligent, Star Wars and Terry Pratchett enthusiast. She allowed Lee to live in her closet to hide from both Creekside and Storm, and since then, they have been closet-dweller and landlord buddies forever.

And when a Japanazi Caliasian girl named Shannon McSpatula accidentally teleported into Erin’s room, she was quickly moved in under Erin’s bed.

It was at this moment that it became clear the girls of TDP would move into Erin’s room. For Erin was kind and gave food to them all, except Lee, who very scarcely received a weekly saltine and a package of Snapple.

Tiffy McTadpole and her inter-dimensional bathtub inhabitant Toby the shark moved into Erin’s wall. Sore McSparrow moved in under Erin’s desk. Sabrina McSweetheart relocated in Erin’s attic. Tink McTigerlilly found herself a home under the bookshelf while Evily McEasterAlmond went behind it. Allora McArtistic moved behind the dresser, Lizzie McLollipop behind the poster of puppies in Converse, and Sky McSugarcookie hid behind the curtains.

It was with this movement, and the kidnapping of Erin and Sore by the Weasel (Erin’s fault, she can’t resist talking to him—NEVER talk to the Weasel), that the Chipmunk Resistance Team was created.

Over time, we’ve aided in stopping the zombie apocalypse and ending the world’s destruction by aliens. We’ve even gone to Atlantis and Romania. There were times when we thought we would suffer most certain death by sparkling vampires and chupucabras, but we pulled through, and still stand to this day.

There is now even a government in the world of the Palace. Shannon McSpatula is the governor, Lee is Head of Security, and Erin is vice-governor. There are several members of the jury, along with Tiffy, who is in charge of sugar consumption to ensure Allora doesn’t tense up from a seizure.

With all these facts and information kept in mind, it is time to push you off the nest or shove you off the plank into the fascinating world of TDP. We hope that you can fly or swim, and look forward to reading your writing, and hope you will return the favor.

And remember kiddies, stay away from Lee if she has loaded water guns.

Member Comments  

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: January 2, 2014
Everybody come back to TDP and the Story Section and stay back. That is an instruction from me, and when I give an instruction people do not question me.

I love my Mum.

Joking aside I really do wish this place was more active again...

Aurora, CO
All My Stories
Posted On: November 23, 2013
Woah. There's a manual now. *waves hand around*

I was here, once, but then I disappeared because I could.

*disappears into the depths of darkness once more*

All My Stories
Posted On: May 12, 2013
I used to be a very active member on TDP back in the day. Particularly in this section. Oh, that nostalgia... I've decided to come back to get my creative juices flowing again, so it's nice to see that it is still organised

All My Stories
Posted On: March 19, 2013
I love this. I was on here years ago and lost my password and forgot which email I used. So I made this new account. But this is fantastic.

Zionsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: December 22, 2012
I love you guys. Missed this place. I feel well-introduced now.


All My Stories
Posted On: September 12, 2011
Shannon....have I told you how much I love you? Where was this guide when we were new to the story section?


All My Stories
Posted On: September 12, 2011
=DDD This. Was. Beautiful. *sobs* SO BEAUTIFUL.

I love you Shannon. And this. It was a hilarious read and a great intro into OUR WORLD.


All My Stories
Posted On: September 12, 2011
I need to look memorize this dictionary. o.O I have been away far to long!

All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2011




All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2011
omgs. ill do it. ill do it so hard.

I just need everyones countries again and links to some poetries but ill do it after i finish this story hur.

All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2011
I'm glad that my dictionary is so handy XD

Man, we are so cool. I feel like there should be follow-up posts about Poetry Wars and such, but I'm too lazy to make them myself XD


All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2011

anyways this was very funny LOL I LOVE SKYYLER'S DEFINITION. You should put something in there about how I very much threaten plagiarism and will screenshot evidence.



Greenville, IL
All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2011

Palatine, IL
All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2011
Thank you for a very entertaining, hopefully useful manual to this foreign world. I'm sure everyone has very interesting stories to detail, and I shall enjoy reading them.

All My Stories
Posted On: September 11, 2011

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