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Hi, my name is lucinda
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The Story Of A Forgotten Princess: Lucindas Side

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By maloriekay13 Send DollMail
Created: 2013-07-16 22:27:02 All stories by maloriekay13
Lucinda is liveleys sister the difference between lucinda and liveley is that lucinda is a witch. lucinda had just got done pushing her sister liveley into the magical lake that led too wonderbrooke. Wonderbrooke is an exotic place it is filled with wonders and horors. Lucinda had pushed her sister into the lake beacuse she had wanted the throne all too her self. Her sister had always been nicer, prettier, smarter then lucinda had ever been and lucinda was tired of being treated like a nobody. Lucinda had brewed a poiton that would make the whole kingdom forget about liveley and that lucinda was a witch. So lucinda walked down to her lair and took the potion and her broom. She flew around the whole kingdom spreading the evil potion. The next day Lucinda had woke up in her sisters bed. She was brought breakfast by her mother. " Good morning my beautiful lucinda." she said, "Good morning mother why dont you look oustanding today. " lucinda exclaimed. "why thank you dear." her mother replied. From then on all things went well for lucinda it has been about 5 years since she had pushed liveley down into the lake, and tomarrow would be liveley's 13 birthday.

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