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Hi, my name is Emily
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The Stone Maiden [[Short-ish Story]]

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By x_A_Beautiful_Tragedy_x Send DollMail
Created: 2007-08-08 13:08:26 All stories by x_A_Beautiful_Tragedy_x
Tommy Banks pulled Kat Saunders up to the top of the cliff. The sun was setting and had painted the sky a beautiful orange. Kat sighed at the breathtaking view, tiptoeing to the edge and staring down at the glittering sapphire sea.

“I told you it was beautiful,” whispered Tommy in her ear, placing his arms around her waist. Kat smiled, he was right.

She looked to the left, gasping quietly.

“Is that her?” she asked, pulling away from him gently and walking towards a dark silhouette. He frowned.

“Who? Oh, yes, that she is The Stone Maiden I was telling you about.” Kat ran up to her, and stared into the statues eyes.

It was a beautiful statue of a female bride watching over the ocean, her hands clasped together holding a single rose, like a bride would hold their bouquet. Her dress billowed out behind her in a non existent breeze, and her hair whipped around her face.

“She’s so sad,” commented Kat, looking up at Tommy, who had just joined her side. He nodded.

“I would be too if I was in her position. You haven’t heard the legend behind the Stone Maiden have you?” Kat turned back to the Maiden. She was beautifully carved, with such intricate detail, almost too intricate too have been carved….

“Would you like me to tell you?” asked Tommy, cutting into Kat’s thoughts. She nodded, staring at the maidens eyes, as Tommy’s voice washed over her, retelling the story of this unfortunate bride...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flash back ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Emily Young stood at the balcony, gripping onto the railings. She loved the outside, especially here, were the waters gleamed under the moon, and the sharp salty air hung all around her.

“Hello darling,” muttered a male voice in her ear, over the clinking of glasses. Emily squealed in happiness, her beloved was home.

“Philip!” she exclaimed jumping into his arms, and kissing his lips lovingly.

“A drink?” he asked, when she had let go. Emily nodded. She had not been Philip for ages, for he had been away to see family in another country.

Emily accepted the glass of wine Philip offered her, and turned back to the sea.

“Almost as beautiful as you,” he smiled. She laughed, blushing at the comment.

“Oh do be quiet. The ocean is far more beautiful then me,” she laughed. Philip just shook his head, taking Emily’s hand and leading her to a couple of seats.

“What has change din my absence then?” asked Philip, sipping from his glass. Emily thought.

“The country is on the verge of war, well, that is what I have heard. The government never tell us these things until the last moment. Though I doubt it, our lovely country has been at peace for years. But never mind that, we aren’t at war, how was your family?”

Philip paused, not knowing how to answer. How was he supposed to tell his love that he had not been visiting his family at all, but training how to fight, for the country was indeed at war, and that he, Philip had been called to fight?

Philip took a deep breathe, and started a beautiful lie of how his family had brought a lovely new house, and that his little brother, Simon, was finally learning how to ride a bike. He told of long nights in the meadows surrounding, camping with his father and telling stories to his mother. And with every word of this make believe yarn, Philip felt the guilt growing in side of him, like a fire hungry for oxygen, only the lies were this fires food.

“It sounds wonderful, Philip darling,” Emily sighed,” I should love to meet your family one day.”

“Of course you will sweetheart, they will love you. Now it’s late, we shall talk more in the morning yes?”

Emily nodded, and kissing him on the cheek, she left and got ready for bed, leaving her fiancé out on the balcony.

Philip sat beside her, until she went to sleep. He smiled sadly, gently tracing her face with his finger.

I should have told her, he thought, I have to report to the general tomorrow at six o’clock. I should’ve told her tonight. A tear rolled down his cheek, and fell onto her bare skin.

Philip lay down beside Emily, and wrapped his arms around her, taking in her sweet scent, and stroking her glossy blonde hair, and slowly, he fell asleep.

Emily awoke with a jolt, instantly releasing the spot beside her was empty. She slid out of bed, confused. Philip never rose from bed before she did.

Emily padded across the room, out into the lounge, sighing in relief at the sound of noise in the kitchen. Philip was clattering with pots and pans it seemed.

She went in, smiling bemused at Philip preparing all sorts of food.

“What is this?” she asked, motioning to the food laid out on the table. Philip looked around.

“Morning Emily,” he smiled, “Please go and get ready my lady, for I am taking you up to the place you love, and there we shall be having a picnic,” he told her. Emily laughed.

“We’re going up to the cliff?” she asked. Emily loved the cliffs, the air was crisp and view stunning.

“Where else? And wear something special.”

“Whys that?”

“You’ll find out,” was all that he replied. Philip watched her leave, thinking sadly. What if this was the last time he would see her face, look into her eyes, and kiss her lips. What if this was the last time he would hold Emily in his arms, stroke her skin, and hear her laugh? What if this was their last moment together?

Philip shook his head, locking all those horrible thoughts out of his head.

No, he would come back, then he will marry Emily and they would start a family, with two daughters and son. And they would be called Emily and Sophie and Edward, and they will grow up to be healthy and strong. And he and Emily will own a farm with lots of prized animals, and live together forever.

Philip smiled at that thought, such a beautiful future, which he will have. He will have his perfect family with his perfect wife.

Emily entered the kitchen wearing a stunning white dress. Philip was speechless.

“My God Emily, you look beautiful. I can’t believe your mine!” Emily laughed, and helping Philip to pack the food into a wicker basket.

Soon, they arrived at the bottom of the cliff. As Philip paid the carriage driver, Emily took the basket and made her way up the winding path towards the top of the cliff. She then set out the picnic and awaited her love to arrive.

The day passed without fault, they laughed kissed and hugged under the darkening sky. Philip glanced at his watch he had half an hour.

He turned to Emily, who was lying beside him, and helped her to sit up, handing her a single red rose.

“Emily, I have something to tell you. There is a war about to go on, in fact it already is. I wasn’t at my family’s when I went away; I was training to become a soldier. And in half an hour I have to report to the general, and then I’m going to be sent over seas to fight the enemy.”

Emily was speechless, and any happiness had been wrenched away from her, leaving her gasping for breath. Tears began to fall down her cheeks. Her fiancé, her one and only being sent across seas to fight? What if he never returned?

“But we’re meant to be getting married,” was all she could say. Philip nodded.

“As soon as I come back the first thin I am going to do is marry you. I promise.”

He went to hold her, but Emily walked away. Tears were falling like a torrential downpour.

He put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, turning to leave. Emily ran after him, holding him tight.

“Please don’t leave me, stay here. Please. I need you Philip, don’t leave me. Philip!” he kissed her, then untied her arms from his waist and began to walk away. It broke his heart to do so, but if he didn’t, he would’ve stayed, and been shot as a traitor.

“PHILIP!” Emily screamed, pain and heart break tearing through her like a wolf tears its prey. “Philip doesn’t leave me! Please, I need you Philip. Come back. Philip, don’t leave me here alone!”

Philip heard her screams, and his heart was ripped into shreds, he could feel her pain, her heart break, her lose, and it was all because of him. But he still didn’t turn back. He had a duty, and he was going to fill it.

Emily screamed right into the night, long after he had left. Emily held the rose tightly in her hands, standing right close to the edge of the cliff, and waited.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Philip never did return,” concluded Tommy, “and Emily waited there forever, her body turning grey, leaving her immortalised in stone, in that exact position. Legend says when her beloved returns; she will awaken, and finally be put to rest.” Kat shuddered, not just from the fast falling night time. Tommy looked at his watch.

“We’d best be off,” he said. Kat nodded, telling him to go ahead and that she would follow soon.

Kat reached out to touch the maidens’ cheek, and felt a tiny bump. On closer inspection, she found it to be a small tear.

Kat looked into the eyes; they seemed to be filled with such lifelike sadness. Kat shuddered again, caught in a sudden breeze. Maybe the legend wasn’t just a story.

She heard a cry from Tommy, and raced off to find him.

The Stone Maiden stayed in position as always, but that single tear slowly trickled down her mossy cheek, and dropped onto the stone rose petals.

© Copyright.

Member Comments  

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: January 31, 2008
Aww poor emily but that is probs your best story!! your so talented 5*s

Kimball, TN
All My Stories
Posted On: August 22, 2007
That was so sad... I loved it though.


United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: August 4, 2007
Absolutely Wonderful Toni!!!! 5*s!!

All My Stories
Posted On: July 30, 2007
omg! i envy your talent so much! beautiful story!

All My Stories
Posted On: July 24, 2007
I loved it, so sad!

Dixon, MO
All My Stories
Posted On: July 13, 2007
amazing... that's all i can say... truely amazing...

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: July 9, 2007
Can you say talent? You've got something going for you here. I'm so sad now. Man, why make me feel so?

Would you grace my stories with a comment? I'd really appreciate the critisism.

By the way, did I mention it was beautiful. Epic.


Stafford, VA
All My Stories
Posted On: July 8, 2007


United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: July 8, 2007

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: July 8, 2007
I can't describe how wonderfull that was with words. It was flooded with so much emotion that even the eyes filled with the most emotion could never compare to it. The story shows how much love really does kill. Well, of course no one really dies but still. Reminds me of Sid and Nancy strangely. But you could really careless about my opinion.


All My Stories
Posted On: July 7, 2007
that was beautiful!


All My Stories
Posted On: July 7, 2007
That was absolutley AWESOMEE.

it made me tear up,

poor poor Emily..

5 stars [:

Clemmons, NC
All My Stories
Posted On: July 7, 2007
wow amazing i love!!!


Deff. 5 stars!
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