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Hi, my name is Mothi
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The Seranymphs

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Created: 2007-06-05 00:44:29 All stories by
It all began with a bit of pixie dust and a good idea. Lesandre worked his magic for months constructing and modifying the perfect woman. Lesandre was an obviously lonely young wizard, unsatisfyed with the females the world offered him. So, he thought, " If I can't find my soulmate, I'll make one." He devoted his magic to making this "dream girl," and when he considered himself finished, he created Mothi.

Mothi was a beautiful moth-winged fae. Her brick-colored hair flowed to her hips. She had gorgeous green eyes and a plump mouth. Her moth wings weren't functional to ensure that she'd never fly away from Lesandre. He was so proud of his invention and so in-love with her. She obeyed his every wish, loving him as she was created to do. She married Lesandre and they had children.

This began a new race of magical creatures: half mothfaerie, half witch/wizard. They were called the Seranymphs. The Seranymphs began to spread quickly, as if they were mice. They were asexual beings, but even though they shared the same genetic material, they always seemed to differ.

It wasn't long until the once-useless wings of the Seranymphs enabled them to take flight into the air. But, then man found these creatures to be frightening. Their wings and eerily stunning features caused their downfall. The human race not only out-numbered these wonderous beings, they also exterminated them.

All but a few...

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Posted On: June 5, 2007
awesome! dm me with the link when the next part comes out!
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