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Hi, my name is Zana
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The Redrock's Toy Factory

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By Sexy_Sagittarian_is_Dangerous Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-10 18:06:59 All stories by Sexy_Sagittarian_is_Dangerous
"Hey Antigone. What cha' up to?" asked Zana sitting down beside her best friend.

"Not much. I writing my will." said Antigone.

"Your will! Are you dying?!" exclaimed Zana. Antigone looked up from her work.

"No, but people are out to kill me." Antigone said making the pen glid across the paper.

"Why?!" asked Zana.

"No more questions please. Hey will you come with me somewhere?" asked Antigone. Zana looked up wiping away the tear.

"Sure!" Zana got up and pulled Antigone up too. The two of them bought train tickets and took the train near Mt. Hammos. And were walking down into the valley.

"Where are we going Antigone?" asked Zana.

"We're almost there." said Antigone.

"Wait... Is this the part where yoou kill me?" Zana stopped with a weird look on her face.

"No you dork." said Antigone laughing, "O we're here."

The two girls starred at the place.

"A factory. You brought me to a factory." said Zana.

"I wanted you to know where it was." said Antigone turning around to go back to the train station. The two girls were quiet on the way home until that split second. The one that changed Zana's life from there on out.

A helicopter crashed into the train and Antigone Calphurnia Redrock died. A few days later, after the funeral, Zana recived some mail from Antigone. Zana opened the letter with hace to find this:

Dear Zana,

Your my best friend and I wouldn't of had it any other way. However I'm afraid this letter isn't just about friendship. As you know I'm a Redrock. In my family, they only want guys born and girls married in. I was born into the family as a girl and they want me dead because I can't carry out the family name. Therefore I wrote my will so you would know what to do. In my will, I left you The Redrock Factory. This has been around since Halo, the first Redrock, has been around. Reopen the factory, give it a purpose and you will not let me down. See you on the other side, Zana Halferman.

Antigone Calphurnia Redrock (you made what little life I had worth it all)

Zana could not believe this but because Antigone was her best friend she would do just as she wanted. She went to her mom that night and told her about everything.

"Do what you think is right, sweetie." said Ms. Halferman.

The next day Zana went to her friend Ellenor and asked her to help restore the factory. At the train station Ellenor had brought a friend.

"This is Zane." said Ellenor.

"Hey." said Zane. Zana noticed he was looking at her. She smilied and continued onto the train.

"So what do we know about these Redrocks?" asked Ellenor.

"we know that only boys were born into the family." said Zana.

"Never a girl?" asked Zane.

"YEs there have been a few, but they were erased from history after there deaths. Exccept one, which is Ariman Redrock." said Zana.

"Sweet." said Ellenor.

The train arrived at the station and the three of them walked to the valley and enter the factory.

"Lets have a look around." said Zana. She walked off to the right and down a few hallways. Zana heard a thumbing noise and began to walk faster but she got lost in the building. She was backing up against a wall when she bumbed into something.

"AHH!" screamed Zana turning around. There was Zane.

"Shh. Keep it down. You don't want to wake the neighbors, do you?" he smilied.

"Ha ha, very funny. Did you noticed something about this place?" said Zana.

"Yeah it looks like.." Zane said realizing something.

"A toy factory." they said in unision. Zana pulled out her cell phone and started making calls for supplies. Day after day followed of hard work and gross work.

The rooms were swept, mopped, and polished. The walls were repainted and the machines oiled. Finally the day came for the test.

"Are you ready you guys?" Zana asked Zane and Ellenor. They nodded their heads and Zana pushed the power stick up, turning on the power. The three of them ran to where the product was supposed to be after it was made. And there it was .

"A doll." said Zane.

"Awww. It's so cute!" exclaimed Ellenor.

"But why dolls?" asked Zane.

"Well Ariman Redrock is the only girl left in Redrocks history and she just like all little girls, liked dolls. So this factory is made after her. Making dolls that will be shipped all over the world." said Zana.

"Clever." said Ellenor.

Zane went to business school and Ellenor to fashion school and together the three of them continued to build dolls of kinds. Then the day came where they hoped the mayor would allow them to do business.

"This is a great place but I can't let you open for business." said the mayor.

"What?!" yelled Zane.

"Why not said Ellenor.

"Ok. I'll tell you what. Send one to all 50 states and well see what they say." said the mayor.

Dolls were sent out and the three of them waited for the outcome. A note was posted in the square that there was to be a meeting at the factory on Tuesday. Tuesday came and Zana arrived at her desiced friend's factory. There she found a red ribbon, her mom, a big pair of scissors, and the president.

"This young lady had a vision for something we thought of as unworthy. And all the reps. here we like you Zana Halferman to cut the ribbion to your factory." said the mayor handing Zana the sicssors as she climbed the stairs.

"I give you," Zana cut the ribbon, "The Doll Palace!"

Zane walked up to Zanan from the crowd.

"The doll palace, eh?" said Zane.

"Yeah." said Zana smiling. Then Zane kissed Zana on a spontainous moment. Zana wore a grin from ear to ear, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again.

Life was good.

Member Comments  

Easley, SC
All My Stories
Posted On: September 23, 2006
good, i, like it alot. now i definaltly want to b Zana!! she is nice and caring!!

Forks Township, PA
All My Stories
Posted On: September 10, 2006
This is good!!!!!!!! Continue!!!
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