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Hi, my name is Lily
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The Rainbow stone Part 4

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By Murtaghlover1 Send DollMail
Created: 2008-05-14 16:59:16 All stories by Murtaghlover1
~ Lily ~

I was walking through a broken down neighborhood of San Francisco. I was waiting for the neighborhood kids to come out and play. “ LILY!” called a little girl.

“ Hi there Natasha.”

“ Are you going to give us rides today?”

“ Yep.” I made a sphere of air and got on it. Then I put Natasha on my lap and we went around the neighborhood. We stopped at her house for breakfast. Her mother was really nice to me and always allowed me to stay with her and her family during the winter. Natasha and I ate and went back outside. We saw other kids waiting for us. I gave them all rides then we all went to the park.

“ Auntie Lily tell us a story?” said one of the younger kids. Everyone agreed.

“ Okay. What do you want to hear?” I asked.

“ Where you got that pretty pendent.” said a young boy. I looked at the white cloud pendent.

“ Well it’s really weird. People have been telling me since birth. So really I don’t know where I got it.” I said. The kids looked at it. I took the pendent off and put it to the sun. It glittered in the light. I smiled. This is the only thing I have in the world. Then Natasha pulled on my pant leg. I look down and smiled. I put the pendent around my neck and smiled. The children and I continued to play outside. Now and then stopping for a rest talking laughing playing. However I couldn’t help but think about the pendent. Where is it from?

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