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Hi, my name is Princess Alison
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The Princess of The Doll Palace

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By Summer53 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-30 20:54:57 All stories by Summer53
My name is Alison and I am Princess of The Doll Palace. Most people didnt know there was a Princess of The Doll Palace, but hey every palace has to have a princess, right? Well anyway this is my story on how I became Princess Alison....

"Alison.....Alison.....ALISON" called my mother from the kitchen.

"huh, what" i replied still asleep as i crawled out of my straw bed.

"Alison hurry up we have to be at the shop in 5 mins." my mom said as she walked towards me with a muffin and handed it to me.

I ate my muffin and tryed to get dressed at the same time, which resulted with muffin all over me. Me and my little sister walked to our shop, well bakery and went inside to start to see our items to the locals. After 8 I went back to the back area and got to work on some tarts for the next day. As i finished cutting up the fruit i heard my mother say "Alison hurry go change".

"wait what" i asked confused at her request

"I said go and change, into that blue dress in the back"

"but why would I...."

"go" she said and i turned and walked to the back and put on the blue dress. My mother had only let me wear it one other time, it was when we went to meet the king, he asked for our presents at The Doll Palace because he wanted to by some bread from our shop for a celibration they were having.

I put on the dress and walked out and my mother tied up the back.

"here brush your hair" she told me and handed me a brush

I took the brush from her and brushed my hair then she grab my hand and pulled me out to the front of the shop.

I look up and saw Jake the Prince of The Doll Palace, standing there in our shop. I felt my cheeks get hot and I bowed down. He was the most handsome Prince in the area and he made all the girls nervious. I stood back up and looked at him and he smiled, that smile made butterflies in my stomach and I smiled back, and then looked down.

"well im hoping that you may have a nice tart for me to try today" he said and walked over to me.

i looked up at him and smiled "I just finished one" i said and turned around and led him back to the baking area.

"My name is Alison by the way" i told him as I walked over to the cooled tart and cut a slice out of it and put it on a plate and steped back from it.

"its a strawberry and blackberry tart" i told him and he took it and took a bite.

"that is just heavenly" he begain and set it down "as are you" he told me and i began to blush.

"you are too kind" i told him and look into his eyes

"you wouldnt mind coming to my party on Saturday night, would you, its for all the ladies for the area, i am to meet one and well marry her" he told me and i got excited

"it would be my pleasure to come" i told him and he smiled and handed me a invitation and said "i cant wait to see you again" and he walked out and out to his horse and road off.

* * * * *

Saturday came and i dressed in my mothers wedding dress, the most valuble item my family owned. My mother did my hair in a bun and then added braids around it. She then put a white lace over it and last was my shoes. They were beautiful white heels that fit perfectly.

I set out in the carrage the prince sent and sat in it watching outside as the driver took us through the woods and to the Palace. When I arrived a man opened the door and i steped out and walked up the stairs and into the ballroom. it was gorgous, i had never seen a room more beautiful then this one. The room looked like an ice palace in the middle of the summer. i walked down the stairs into the ballroom and walked across the floor over to where the prince was sitting. He looked very bored an unintersted in what was going on.

"Hello there prince" i said and smiled at him

he looked down and smiled at me "Alison your here" he said and sounded excited as he said it.

i smiled and said "i wouldnt have missed it for the anything in the world"

he steped down from his seat and asked "would you like to dance with me" and he took my hand.

"of course i would" i said and he took me to the dance floor. i placed one hand on his sholder and the other in his hand as he placed his other hand on my waist, and we began to dance. i stared into his eyes as we danced and he was a very good dancer. As the song ended he took my hand and led me out to the balcony and i sat on one of the benches.

"Alison do you ever just get tired of being who you are" he asked me and looked out over the balconey.

"well no i dont prince, why do you?" i asked

"as a matter of fact i do, i get tired of living every day without someone there, a friend or just company. but that is what tonight is for, for me to find my true love"

"do you think that you have found her?" i asked him in a softer voise

"yes i do Alison, yes i do"

i looked down at the ground. then i felt his finger under my chin and he had me look at him.

"Alison it is you, you are my true love" he told me and i smiled

he then leaned closer in and kiss my lips and then i heard his mother calling him

"come" he said and took my hand as we walked back into the ballroom together

"who is this" his mother asked and she smiled at me.

"this beautiful woman is Alison and she is going to be Princess of The Doll Palace"

And that is my story of how i became Princess Alison of The Doll Palace. The dress and dimonds in the picture, was my wedding present from my new Father and Mother.

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