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Hi, my name is Aine
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The Keeper

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By darkestfaeriegurl Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-12 19:27:59 All stories by darkestfaeriegurl
Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a girl. She lived in the land of Geiygt, in the marvelous Doll Palace, ruled by King Ryszard. Her name was Aine, and she was radiant, kind, beautiful, and smart. But so were her dozens of siblings and cousins. And on the day we just happen to be introduced to Aine, her youngest cousin, Celta, was being married to Prince Justyn of Houink, the neighboring country.

"Aine, come here!" cried Celta. "Can you fix this for me?" She pointed to the pin that was holding her sash in place, which was slowly slipping off. "Sure," replied Aine. "I'm so nervous about this! I mean, it can't really be happening, can it? I'm getting married in 5 minutes!" "Celta, you're getting married in 5 minutes, and if you don't stand still, I'm gonna end up ripping your dress, which the tailors worked noon- night, moon-sun and -" "And all winter-spring, I know, I know." "There! Got it!" trumpeted Aine. "Thanks, you're the best! Not you better get back inside, the wedding's about to start!" "Alright, love you Celta!" "Aine, wait!" Aine turned around. "Celta walked over to her. "Your mother would be so proud of you right now," Celta told her, tears welling up in her eyes. "She wanted me to give you this." With that, she took out a purple headband from a pocket in her dress. "Thank you," whispered Aine. She put it on, then ran.

Aine went back inside the Cathedral, and made her way to the fifth row of pews, where nieces and nephews of the king sat. "So, what happened? Did Aunt Miriam catch you running in the halls?" questioned her older brother, Jose. "No, Celta needed something fixed." retorted Aine. "Both of you better be quiet, the wedding's about to start!" whispered Aine's oldest sister, Pristina. They all fell quiet and watched as the wedding took place.

Just as the Priest said the words "Speak now or forever hold your peace", the Cathedral seemed to fill up with fog. When it faded away, all that was left was a man dressed in brown and black. He seemed young, but it was hard to tell, seeing as he was wearing a mask. But he had a brown fox tail, and ears. He was one of the People. The People were the results of magic gone astray. They were welcomed in the Doll Palace, but chose not to, seeing as others were still prejudiced about them.

He stared at everyone in the Cathedral, then shouted out," I have come for Princess Mizuki!" King Ryszard stood up. "My sister is dead, and has been for 9 years!" he bellowed. "What business do you have with her?" "I have come for the new Keeper!" he cried out. "She has been promised to my people!" Everyone gasped. The Keeper was supposed to be the most powerful oracle. The Keeper could receive the story of one's life in the blink of an eye. The Keeper could also cause the destruction of the Doll Palace, and ll who lived in it.

King Ryszard made his way over to Celta. "Do you have it?" Aine heard him ask her. "No, Aine does," she informed him. "Lady Aine of Geiygt, come before me!" his voice ricocheted off the walls. Nervously, Aine stood up and walked towards her king. She knew everyone was looking at her, but she only felt the burning gaze of the stranger. 'He must be at least 18' she thought. 'That's only a year older than I'. Soon she was before King Ryszard. She got down and kissed the ground at his feet, then stood up. "My King called me," she squeaked out. "Your mother has made you The Keeper. She was The Keeper before you, and our mother before her. That band says so." Aine felt for the band, desperately wishing she could throw it off and give it to someone else. "Go with this Person. It is your fate." With that, Aine slowly turned around, and dragged herself over to the stranger. "May you live a long life!" his strong tenor voice filled the Cathedral. Then the fog filled the cathedral once again, and when it cleared, Aine and the stranger had vanished.

When Aine opened her eyes again, she was in another land, yet it looked exactly like hers. The Doll Palace stood majestically in front of her, and the water and grass behind it was exactly the same, down to the last blade of grass and drop of water. She just stared and gaped, even though years of training told her not to. The stranger turned towards her.

"I am Prince Nastas of Com. My mother and yours were the dearest of friends. My mother, Queen Wynne, was The Keeper for Com. She is dead, too." AIne just turned and looked at him. "Your point, Prince Nastas?" He got down on one knee, and took her hand. "The children of Keepers are in turn Keepers. They can only marry other Keepers, or else they will die horrible deaths. Flashbacks of her mother screaming in agony, butchers' knife lodged in her leg came to Aine. She shuddered and turned away. Prince Nastas gently touched her face. "You're so mcuh like she told me," he whispered, and stroked her hair. "I need you, Lady Aine of Geiygt. We were meant. I can feel it, and I know you can, too." 'So that's what I was feeling' she thought.

"I will marry you, Prince Nastas, but only if I may see my family. As you know, you interrupted a wedding. I want to see both new AND old additions of my family." "Agreed," said Nastas. He kissed her, and she kissed back.

Prince Nastas and Lady Aine eneded up having 14 children, and living to the age of 105. Being Keepers, they knew just how to help and when to help their family in times of need. AIne grew to love Nastas very much, and he her.

They all lived happily ever after.

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Posted On: November 22, 2006
uh, it was okay. too long. please read my stories.

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Posted On: October 12, 2006
so0o0o0o cool!!!

Saint Leonard, MD
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Posted On: September 23, 2006
stop spamming me
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