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Hi, my name is Kat,Kim, & Kate
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The Ghost, The Girl and the Witch

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By SeiraOrangePearl2 Send DollMail
Created: 2014-03-21 17:44:54 All stories by SeiraOrangePearl2
Kat was a girl miss understood because of her cold skin and glare she has brown hair and blue eyes

Kati was a witch posing as a human she is Kat's best friend she had orange hair and blue eyes

Kim was a ghost whos death was unknown to everyone even her self {She is the middle one} she enlist the help of Kat her rule to her was "If you do not find the cause of my death I will posses you"

{This will be told from Kim's Point of View}

I watched from the building across the street from the new High school River High. I watched one girl the most I watched her everyday today she came this way I waited for her to walk away but she didn't I smiled walking down the stairs "Whats that?" I hear a voice ask "Stop being a baby Katrina" another voice "I am no being a baby Katharine!" The girl Katrina wined "Yes you are" me and Katharine said "Remember you have to stay here all night" Katharine said I was watching as Katharine left I walked in front of Katrina "I've been watching you" I said she yelped and tried to run I made the door shut "You are not leaving" I said "P....Please don't hurt me!" she yelled I laughed "Fine......find the cause of my death or I will posses you and destroy your life" I said Yes Ghost-sama" she said "Please call me Kim" I said annoyed "Fine." she snapped "Call me Kat NOT Katrina got it?" she said I nodded

{Kat's POV}

I was annoyed how dare she talk to me like that! I started looking in every room for her body I wondered if she had been buried when I found nothing "Your body's not here you must have been buried" I said she stood in front of me mad she walked through me I felt odd I looked in a mirror my eyes where no longer blue they where almost black "What did you do to me?" I asked looking around 'I am you' I hear in my head I held my head screaming "No! Get out!" I yelled dropping to my knees she laughed it hurt "Stop it!" I yelled "Stop it!" my eyes where wide I saw fire snow and blood I hear the door open "Kat!" Kati yelled running over to me "Kat! Answer me! Snap out of it!" she yelled and slapped me 'She can't save you' Kim said I screamed holding my head she was hurting me I felt like my head was being torn apart

{Kati POV}

"Kat! Kat! Please!" I begged shaking my friend I stepped back "Get out of my friend" I said "I can see you Kimberly I was there the day you died" Kim got out of Kat making her faint "How? you are only 16?" she said "So are you" I said "I'm dead" she said "I'm a Witch" I said I snapped my clothes changed to a old time looking dress she gasp "You you where on trial for the witch trials!" she said I nodded "Stay out of Kat's body she cant take it" I said


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