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Hi, my name is JHMMD
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The Famous Five

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By fluffy_ferret_101 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-28 06:23:42 All stories by fluffy_ferret_101
So from left to right, our names are Josh, Hannah, Mark, Melanie (Mel), and Dakota (Kota). Hello, my name is Mel, and I will be your narrator tonight (I'm the one with the bow on my leg, long story). Ignore the title, we aren't famous. I got it from a series by Enid Blyton. We are just about the most loserish losers to ever exist. Kota looks and dresses like a girl, but he's a boy. He's just incredibly homosexual. Hannah and I have experimented a couple times, and she thinks she's bisexual, but I'm pretty sure I'm straight. It's not that I think she's gross, I just don't get turned on by girls. Josh and Mark are both incredibly straight, and flirt with me all the time, while being flirted with by Hannah and Kota. Kota seems to harbor a particular liking for Josh, probably because he's so tall. He is also the oldest of us, at 21 years old. Hannah is 18, Mark is 20, I'm 19, and Kota is 18. Now that you've gotten a bit of background, let me tell you how I met each of these wonderfully insane people.

First, there was Mark. I've never been described as shy; rather the opposite actually. I'm usually quite outgoing. But that day, I was blown away by the eyes on that kid. The clearest blue you have ever seen, I swear. Take the sky and make it a hundred times sexier and stick it in the eye sockets of a guy with black hair, and there you have Mark. Anyway, it was a very awkward situation in which i first gazed upon those eyes. I was 16 and had just gotten my license a month ago. I loved driving so much that I always volunteered to go to the grocery store for my mom. So that day, she handed me her list and I was off without further comment. It was only after I reached the store that I first looked over the list in horror.

#1 Max strength laxatives (coupon is stapled to the bottom)

#2 Tampax ultra heavy

#3 2 cucumbers

#4 Vagisil screening kit

And so on in that fashion. If I could have gone back home and shoved the list in her face, I would have. But I had promised her I would get everything on the list, so I had to follow through. So I reluctantly entered the store and headed for the health section.

I had picked up the tampons, vagisil, and laxatives and was walking toward the vegetables for the cucumbers, lost in my own little world, when I ran straight into the sexiest boy I had ever seen. We both mumbled apologies and he reached down to help me retrieve my groceries.

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