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Hi, my name is Juno
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The Fallen [Poem]

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By ThexOnlyxException Send DollMailSend EmailYIM
Created: 2012-09-24 23:57:26 All stories by ThexOnlyxException
His dark hair covers his eyes,

such empty, shallow, putrid things,

though once so bright ,tonight

now infectious, he's earned his wings

His venom is his ultimate weapon,

and with one last breath I'm solemn,

finally accepting this infection

and befriending The Fallen.

She is an icy blonde

with frozen broken feathers

who is blind to the dawn,

unable to break from her tethers.

Her pain is our mutual connection

but with one last breath I'm solemn,

finally accepting this infection

and befriending The Fallen.

You are dark broken and shallow,

vulnerable is your name

but if I donít save you tonight

I'm putting all of us to shame.

As much as we argue,

and as much as I protest

I understand your conquest

is something quite bereft

I hate to prove you wrong angels,

but we are just the same

so if you need a friend tonight

you must know that I have changed

Their hopelessness is appalling,

and with one last breath I'm solemn

accepting this infection

and descending as one of The Fallen


I'm sure you guys thought that you lost me, but you haven't. I haven't given up. Just know, that somewhere in California, I'm still fighting to hold on.

On another note... SCREEW ECON. CLASS! Senioritis suucks...

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Fresno, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: September 29, 2012
check mine plz.
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