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Hi, my name is Azreal
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The Fallen**00**

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By azrealthefallen Send DollMail
Created: 2014-03-13 16:10:22 All stories by azrealthefallen
I never really got along with other kids, ever since I was little. It wasn't that I picked fights or started arguments; I just didn't like them. They all seemed like petty, selfish beings who didn't deserve the life they were given. They whined and threw tantrums and talked sh*t behind peoples was sickening. I distanced myself from them as much as possible because I knew that I didn't want to be like them in any way, shape or form.

Now I'm not saying I was perfect, because I was far from it. And I didn't think I was better than these people, because I knew I wasn't. I was just different from them-both mentally, morally and emotionally. I handled things differently than my peers did. When someone got good grades they got excited and let the world know; I just quietly tucked them away and went on with my day. When someone witnessed or went through something tragic they cried and mourned; I just closed my eyes, counted to ten and went on with life. Never once did I see a reason to overreact to things that happened every day to every person in the world.

What made my problems so much worse than theirs? Why did I have the right to mourn and feel sorry for myself, or congratulate myself when I knew there was someone out there who was doing far worse or far better than I was? I was nothing but a speck of dirt on the shoes of the world with no real meaning, no pull.

That is, until I met ~her~.

Her name was Phoenix. She knew things, understood things and saw things the same way I did. She was my best friend and we traveled through the years together. Sometimes, though, she seemed as if she knew something I didn't know; like she was in on some big, cosmic secret that she couldn't tell anyone. Not even me. I often felt betrayed by her because of that; but I knew, deep down in my heart, that it was for my own good.

Phoenix and I were inseparable from the time we were twelve. We fought for each other, laughed with each other, cried with each other(although the latter rarely happened). We saw the good in each other that every one else seemed to ignore or pretend didn't exist.

Both of us were unique. Both of us were special. But just how special...we didn't know.

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