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Hi, my name is Maddie
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The End of Love

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By SeiraOrangePearl2 Send DollMail
Created: 2014-03-22 08:59:17 All stories by SeiraOrangePearl2
"So you love me? No matter who you hurt?" the red haired girl said "Yes I love you" My bf Jason said "I knew it" I said tears rolling down my face "Maddie..." he said I ran they followed "Maddison! Don't!" the girl who I had called my best friend said "It's her or me Jason!" I said he looked from me to Sarah "Maddie I'm sorry" he said more tears "Fine then good bye Jason" I said "Maddie!" they both yelled as a car hit me I remember seeing Jason leaning over me shaking me "Maddie! Maddie Please!" he begged then it all went black. "Maddison?" A voice I didn't know said I opened my eyes to see a boy with black hair and black eyes standing over me he had black wings "Y-Yes Sir?" I asked my eyes wide he pulled me up and pulled me to his chest he rubbed my back pulling what felt like wings out my eyes widened "Am... I dead?" I asked "No either am I we are both very alive" he said "Can you tell me your name?" I asked "My name is Matthew but call me Matt" he said tilting my chin up to look at him I blushed "And what will I call you?" he asked "Maddison o-or M-Maddie" I said I didn't know this feeling my heart was beating so hard I thought he could hear it "Lay down go back to sleep" he said "Will we meet again?" I asked he smiled "Yes I will be watching over you" he said I nodded and closed my wings I lay back down and fell asleep "Sarah I'm sorry but after this I realized I love Maddie more than anything" Ii hear Jason say "I understand maybe this was going too far I was jealous of Maddie she had someone so... Perfect so....... Kind so....... Sweet-" they stopped talking I 'woke up' I looked at them tears rolling down my face "I hate you! Both of you!" I yelled at them they had been kissing "Maddie I'm so sorry" he said "Get out!" I screamed crying there was a knock it was Matt he hurried over to me I hugged him sobbing "I think its time you leave" Matt said Sarah looked at me "Maddie... I know we aren't best friends anymore but I am truly sorry" she said and left I looked up at Matt his voice had been so cold his eyes deadly Matt looked at me his eyes where soft his hand traced around my cheek before we knew it I kissed him we looked at each other in shock I looked down our hand together "What am I feeling?" I asked "I have never felt this way before" "It's love" he said I smiled "I like this feeling" I said a few days later I was let out of the hospital Matt was the first person I saw I smiled I ran and throw my arms around is neck hugging him he lifted me up and spinning me I looked him "It's back" I said "What is?" Jason asked I looked at Jason then back at Matt "Jason I don't love you I never have I realized that now" I said "You love him!?" Jason yelled pointing to Matt "Yes I do" I said Matt hugged me I hugged him back "I do love you" I said "Jason you love Sarah I understand that now" I told him "No I love you!" Jason said "Jason please go home" Matt said I rested my head on Matt's shoulder "No I'm taking whats mine" Jason said and tried to punch Matt I stood in his way he ended up hitting me I was knocked out cold I wake up to see Matt asleep his face tear streaked I kissed his forhead "Thank you Matthew" I whispered he squeezed my hand I hugged him climbing out of my warm bed and sitting next to Matt I hugged him I lay my head in his lap and fell asleep again I felt my self being moved but didn't mind I felt Matt's arms go around me I felt heat we where in my bed I opened my eyes to see Matt laying me down he turned to leave I pulled him back to me "Don't Leave me " I said

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