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Hi, my name is Jennifer Alex & Sara
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Story Rating   2.75  with 4 vote(s)
By jennebug Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-29 22:54:07 All stories by jennebug
One day these tree gorgious girls named Alex, Jennifer, and Sara were surfin to internet and  found a chat site.

KoolaidCami: So Lex... did you here about that new website that came out?

Lexington: No! Whats it called?

KoolaidCami: brb

Lexington: Okay

~JazzinJennifer joined the chat room~

JazzingJennifer: Hey ppl! whats goin on?

Lexington: My friend Cami was about to tell me about this really cool website that came out. But she left right after i asked what it was.

JazzinJennifer: Cool. I'll wait awhile longer to find out  what it is to.

Lexington: Okay

~Rockin'Alex joined the chat room~

JazzinJennifer: Good Alex you found the site okay?

Rockin'Alex: Yeah. I'm gonna call Sara to tell her okay?

JazzinJennifer: Okay!

Rockin'Alex: I called her!

JazzinJennifer: Great!

KoolaidCami: Back.

Lexington: Wb! A couple of ppl found you chat room

KoolaidCami: Hey

JazzinJennifer: Hi im Jennifer but you can cal me Jen.

Rockin'Alex: and im Alex.

KoolaidCami: Hey Jenn and Alex im Cami.

~Screwyou360 joined the chat room~

Screwyou360: thanks for calling me Alex!

Rockin'Alex: No problem. Cami this is Sara, Sara this is Cami (KoolaidCAmi)

Screwyou360: Hi!

KoolaidCami: Hey.

Lexington: So Cmai what is this website called?

KoolaidCami: Oh sorry its I heard about it from my friend.

Lexington: Um... That sounds like a baby website.

JazzinJennifer: Yeah it does.

Screwyou360: uh huh

Rockin'Alex: Uh yeah i agree with them

KoolaidCami: Oh but its not. You see its this website that you create these "people" or dolls if you will and you can participate in fashion shows and contests and even write stories about them. Its really fun! You can create all types of dolls!

JazzinJennifer: Oh yeah that does sound like fun come on guys lets sign up for it!

Screwyou360: Ok I'll call you guys

~Screwyou360 left the chat room~

~JazzinJennifer left the chat room~

~Rockin'Alex left the chat room~


Soon after Sara three-way-calls Alex and Jennifer.

*ring* *ring* *ring*

Jennifer: Hello?

Alex: Hello?

Sara: Hey guys!

Jennifer and Alex together: guys?

Sara: yeah i have three way calling. Its you guys as in Jennifer and Alex

Alex: Oh!

Jennifer: Ok!

Sara: So have you guys signed up yet?

Jennifer: yeah i just finnished.

Alex: me too.

Sara: good so we are all done. Lets go to the candy doll maker and make each other

Jennifer: Okay ill make Sara

Sara: I'll make Alex

Alex: i guess I'll make Jennifer

Jennifer: you say that like its a bad thing

Alex: i was Just kidding

Jennifer: wait i want to make us into angles

Sara: Okay i guess you can do that.

Okay by looking at the picture illistrating this story you can tell that i am jennifer and this is my picture of Me Alex and Sara.

Member Comments  

Sibley, IA
All My Stories
Posted On: September 2, 2006
interesting....good luck tho!

Owatonna, MN
All My Stories
Posted On: September 2, 2006
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