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Hi, my name is Fruit-Fai ry Girls
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The Doll Palace Fairies

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By lissieiscool Send DollMailSend EmailVisit WebsiteICQAIM
Created: 2006-09-18 18:52:40 All stories by lissieiscool

The Fruit-Fairy Girls are the protectors of The Doll Palace.

The purple one is named Gure-pu Onnako. The green one is

Sekkai Neesan. And the blue one is named Buru-beri Otome.

Gure-pu is grape , Sekkai is lime , and Buru-beri is blueberry

in Japanese. You'll find the fairy girls calling eachother by the last

name, which all of them means girl in 3 different ways.

Now for the story.


Once upon a time, was a palace in a Forbidden land only to be entered by the subscribers who have made an account, or wanderers who wish to sign up. This palace was called The Doll Palace. The land has lived in perfect harmony, but for the day thus harmony is harmed, the Fruit-Fairy Girls were there to protect. As the members signed in and made dolls and such did what they did , a harmful virus was trying to make it's way into the web site. If this virus was able to hack in the The Doll Palace , it would shut down the site , no money would be made nor members having fun. This would be a trajic incident. Once the fairies noticed a change in the pirate doll maker, they knew something fishy was going on. They had to act quickly. They rushed to the central part and started the doll maker siren which meant to report anyone suspicious or beware. It was great help because one of the villagers/members had seen the virus and told thme he was headed to the main data base. They flew off to the database and yet saw nothing. They searched desparately, and the dirty virus attacked them from behind.

"Neesan! You attack with citrus acid luster in his eyes to blind him!" said Gure-pu, "and Otome, you attack him with your blutonic tumble!"

"Okay!" the two girls replied. They did and it softened him up, yet didn't kill him.

All three looked at one another and knew what they had to do. Yes, that's right , their special trio attack, for the sake of The Doll Palace and Villagers.

"FRUIT FAIRY TRIO ATTACK!" they all yelled .

Luckily enough, it was more than enough, the virus was killed. And The Doll Palace was in perfect doll harmony once again. All thanks to the Fruit-Fairy Girls!



Member Comments  

Libby, MT
All My Stories
Posted On: October 1, 2006
Wow that was good

Waldorf, MD
All My Stories
Posted On: September 25, 2006

Zionsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: September 24, 2006
^_^ Sounds like an anime.

...Don't be so honest Jet, I think it's cute. And I've just been reading my little brother's fanfics (and doing major editing for him) so I can say this is alot better than most of the stuff I've read today.

Keep Writing, no matter what, you have potential, just keep going and you'll be amazing!

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