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Hi, my name is Silva
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The Diamond Girl

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By helenab Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-26 14:32:27 All stories by helenab
Many years ago swan Bridge Palace was built. It was made completly of marble with silver domes and spires touching the sky and a large colourful garden surrounded it. Inside it was furnished with grand four poster beds, banquet tables and many more riches. The Duke of the lands lived here and built a little village in front of the palace so that even the poor could look upon his beautiful home.

But as the Duke grew old he became lonely and no longer invited royal guests for parties and banquets instead he made dolls. They were lovely wooden dolls with every single detail perfectly cut in with his hammer and chisel and he kept evey single one in his home so he'd never be lonely again. As he made more and more the designs became more intricate he began to decorate them with jewels on thier clothes or gold jewelery so soon they were definatly the best dolls a father could ever by his daughter. Yet he still kept every doll in his mighty palace and made more every day. Within months his palace was overflowing with dolls and he decided to make his very last one.

His last doll was the best of them all. It was a little girl wearing a long flowing dress that was studded with every gem or precious stone imaginable. She had long hair made of pure gold shaped as if she was facing the wind and her eyes were a deep blue glass that seemed to shimmer as if they were water. And it was this that named the palace the Doll Palace.

Many years later long after the Duke had passed away a young girl named Silva lived in the village that was overlooked by the Doll Palace. Her mama and papa worked in the local bakery, baking cakes,biscuits and breads for the locals. Silva often helped in the bakery when she was not being taught by her tutor. Many a time she would stare out of the window at the Doll Palace dreaming of the wonders inside it. The gates were locked and the palace was deserted apart from the endless collection of the Dukes dolls which had been left there as it had stated in the Dukes will. Each time she saw the palace she would ask her mama,

" When will someone go into the Doll Palace" and every time the reply was,

" When the time is right. The gates are locked so how could anyone get in anyway?"

But Silva new that the gates were not locked because she had tried opening them before but she could never tell her parents that.

A while later after bidding her mama and papa goodnight she closed the curtains in her room and took one final look at the palace. Something was wrong. And then she noticed it. A light was on and there looking out the window was an unmistakable face! Who was it? She decided to tell her parents. She crept down the stairs and told her mama and papa who (as all parents would) said that she should go to sleep and maybe that would stop her imagining things.

However the next day Silva woke to shouts and screams of,

"water! Water! Help"

Silva bounded down the stairs put on her boots and grabbed her coat then left the house. The scene before her was devastating. the village was on fire. Her parents along with other locals had formed a chain passing buckets of water along and pouring them onto the fire.

"No" Silva thought "Never"

But it was true. Her eyes moved towards the Doll Palace and she began to run towards the iron gates. She heaved them foward then began to run down the gravelled lane to the doors. Just as she had expected they were unlocked and inside was an enormous hall filled with the very dolls from the tale. And at the end of a long carpet was the dazzeling girl doll. The very last doll ever made by the Duke. she took slow steps along the carpet careful not to alert attention. When she reached the doll she gasped. It was just like in the tale yet much more beautiful.

"She's lovely isn't she?" said a voice.

Silva spun around and before her stood an old man, the one she had seen in the window yesterday.

"Yes" Silva said and she meant those words withe her heart, "Yes".

"Thankyou, so much" the man said "that is all I have ever wanted and is why I set the village on fire. For my great, great, great grandad's work to be approved of".

And with that he burst into tears and the little doll also cried a tiny tear that formed

into a diamond shining all the colours of her dress. And Silva still wears that diamond on a necklace to remind her of the Doll Palace and the Diamond Girl today.

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United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: July 24, 2008
Aw, that was a great fairy tale!

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: September 25, 2006
Aw, that was a great fairy tale!
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