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Hi, my name is Allison
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The Bully [ 1 ]

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By BreakMyHeart Send DollMail
Created: 2013-05-04 19:45:30 All stories by BreakMyHeart
Hi this is my first story. Its all about when Allison is new to school and gets bullied. So she tries to stop him but will she? This is the first part out of 3. Enjoy!

"See you later mom!" Allison shuts the car door and heads for the school.

Allison goes to the office and picks up her schedule and locker number. "Thanks." She says. "Your welcome." The principal smiles. As Allison comes out of the office, she bumps into a boy. "Hey, watch it!" He says. "I'm sorry." Allison says. She tries to find her glasses but the boy steps on them and they break. Allison watches as the boy runs away laughing. "Now I can't see!" She says. She picks up her books and walks to class. She sits down in a random seat but the boy pushes her out, "Thats my seat!"

Allison rubs her head, "Ouch, that hurt." The boy laughs, "Haha."

"Sorry that I am late class, but I had a meeting with the math teacher." The teacher Mr. Hinson says. "Take out your blue notebook, if you bought your supplies like the letter says."

Allison looks in her bag and takes out the notebook. She takes a black sharpie and writes "Reading Notebook" on the front. "Ok class, open to the first page and write down 5 things you did for summer vacation. Allison puts down, "Go to Church", "Go bowling". She puts down her pencil and sits quietly. Mr. Hinson comes over, "Eh, Allison? Is that all you did all summer vacation?" Allison scratches her head, "Yes sir. I don't really do much on vacation except go to church or go bowling." Mr. Hinson smiles, "Alright, I'll accept that, you may close your notebook and read quietly." He walk away and sits in his computer chair. Allison pulls out a book called "A Walk to Remember" and finds her bookmark.

After class, Allison walks to lunch and orders a hamburger with ketchup. She sits at a lunch table by herself and puts her straw in her milk carton. The boy comes over and spills milk all over Allison's head. She looks at the boy in disgust and runs out of the lunch room crying. The boy and his friends start laughing. Allison runs to the bathroom and sits in the corner with her hands on her face. A girl named Jessie comes in and sees Allison crying, "Whats wrong?" Allison looks at the girl, "Can't you see milk all over me!?" Jessie shrugs her shoulders, "Yeah thats true, did a boy do that to you? If so his name is Kevin, he done that to me when I was new." Allison frowns, "Kevin? I'm so sorry for you. What should I do?" Jessie walks over to Allison and puts her hand on Allison's shoulder, "Well, I tried to stop him and I did but he just started bullying again. So, I am not so sure."

Allison and Jessie walks out of the bathroom and the bell rings, its time to go home. Allison turns around, "Thanks Jessie for telling me his name and trying to help me. I got to get home because my mom picks me up. So See you tomorrow." Jessie waves and they walk away. Allison steps into the car. Allison's mom smiles, "How was your first day of school sweetie?" Allison scratches her head, "Well this kid named Kevin bullied me but in the end I made a new friend Jessie who will help me stop Kevin from bullying." Allison's mom smiles, "Thats good.. Uh, where is your glasses?" Allison rolls her eyes, "I accidentally bumped into him and my glasses fell off and he broke them."


Thanks for reading guys! You may hate in the comments all you want but heres what I think of haters, They love me!

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