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Hi, my name is Sky
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The Band

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Created: 2006-02-07 16:35:57 All stories by
"Come on Rach, hurry up." Sky called from downstairs. Sky, Kyle, Rob and Jessie had been waiting in the dining room for about half an hour waiting for Rachel to get ready for their gig.

"It's not like you guys are standing in front of a micraphone with all eyes on you, you don't have to look perfect." She shouted back.

Rach was the lead singer of the band, they had all formed about a year ago. She insisted that she out dress everyone, out shine the rest of the band, and their manager, Rob, seemed to agree.

"Rach, you always look perfect, c'mon we're gonna be late." Kyle shouted, his voice reasuring. His words seemed to convince her to finally leave the mirror and come downstairs. Sure enough she looked perfect. Blonde hair highlighted with black tumbled over her shoulders. Her blue eyes shone out under massive amounts of glitter. She wore a tight black halter top and a white skirt the flared out almost like a toto(sp?). A pair of pink lace up balerina shoes graced her feet.

Sky looked down at herself to examin he own getup, a plad skirt, black anarchy t-shirt, curly brown hair pulled back into a simple half pony tail, stripe socks and army boots. Her ibenez guitar slung in it's case over her shoulder. Not very much.

Kyle(the bassist), looked hot as usual, his shaggy black hair swished infront of his dark green eyes. Over his olive tone skin, he wore a pair of jeans and a tight black shirt that outlined the musles in his chest. He smiled as he caught Sky staring at him as she had been doing all night.

She had been friends with him since she was born, they grew up together, she never relized how attractive he was. But Kyle's eyes kept darting back to Rachel, it was only normal, she was gorgeous. Sky thought and step back, her hair falling over her face to conceal her disgust.

Jessie (the drummer) had her short red hair spiked up with pounds of gel, she wore a loose black t-shirt and a ripped up pair of jeans. Eye liner circled both her eyes. She stood glaring at Rachel, almost as if she were going to puke. "Spoiled Brat." She whispered under her breath. Jessie rarley tolerated anyone outside of Kyle and Sky. Sky and Kyle had met her in six grade orchestra and they had just clicked.

Rachel on the other hand was new to the group, they had met her last year, junior year. Kyle had heard her singing in the autorium and asked her to practice with the band. You see the band didn't have a vocalist, ocasionally Sky would sing but she wasn't the greatest. Rachel had an amazing voice, it was just her in general that got annoying.

Rob looked at the group and smiled, he's eyes lingered on Sky and she began to fidget uncomfortably. Rob in his tux and neatly done hair looked so out of place.

"Let's go." His voice chimed as he waved everyone out the door...


sorry this is kinda dull i was trying to interduce the characters

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