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Hi, my name is BB
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The BB gun and your face

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By FuzzySparkle182___x Send DollMailAIM
Created: 2006-12-21 13:03:59 All stories by FuzzySparkle182___x
Being in a situation can be difficult when you don't know what to do. You could get injured or gain something good. I didn't gain anything good in the situation I was in. I was injured because my best friend shot me in the face with a BB gun completely by accident. I didn't go to the doctor days after it happened to get an x-ray. Nobody knew if it went through my skin. I was too scared to call my parents and tell them that I was injured by my best friend. That day changed everything. Only one good thing came out of that day, and that was the lesson to be learned.

I was at my best friend's house in Victorville. We had nothing to do because it was pouring rain outside, so we decided to go into the garage. Still, we had nothing to do. Then my friend found her BB gun and I wanted to know how it works. She went over all the safety precautions and what not to do. She told me it should never be ready to shoot or even shot if you aren't supervised. I stepped to the side so she could show me how to aim. Her dogs were outside playing in the rain and one of them came running in. It started jumping on her. She moved the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger, and it was moving toward my face. The gun wasn't supposed to be loaded at all! I knew what was going to happen at that moment. Then my thoughts came true, just like a nightmare. The BB pellet hit me about 1 inch under my eye. It felt like a brick hit me. I fell to the ground screaming and crying! It hurt so much! I looked at the sleeve of my orange jacket, but it wasn't orange. It had turned red from all the blood coming out of my wound. I have never felt so much pain in my life, and I was never as scared as I was at that point.

It stopped raining so we went inside to get cleaned up. Nobody knew what had happened but her and I. I got into the bathroom, still crying from the pain, and sat down. My friend went to get some cleaning alcohol to clean out the wound. When I got all cleaned up, she went and got her father who was working on the house. He came into the restroom to see if it went through or not. He said it looked like it grazed my skin and that was all. Then her mother and grandma came home from shopping. Her mom said the same thing as he did. She put a band-aid on and I went to the living room to sit down with an ice pack. Her grandma insisted that I go to the doctor, but I didn't. I was too scared. Not knowing what to do. Didn't tell my parents until the next day when they came to pick me up.

That day when my parents came to pick me up, they asked what the band-aid was. Of course I lied because I was still scared, and didn't want to worry them that much since we were going to a family gathering. When I got to my uncles house where the gathering was taking place, everyone asked and I said the same thing to my dad, the lie. Then my mom asked how it happened. At that point I had to tell someone because I didn't know if it went through my skin or not. She was mad, but she was mostly mad because I lied to everyone, my own family. I then wanted to go to the doctor for an x-ray.

The next day I went to the doctor, got the x-ray, and waited for the good or bad news. It was bad news; the BB pellet went through and is now sitting on the outside of my jaw muscle. The doctor sent the x-ray to the ENT guy to see if it could do any harm. Then the ENT guy sent me to get a CAT scan. Once again I waited for the good or bad news, this time I waited for a day. The CAT scans were done and sent to the ENT guy. He looked over them, and said that it shouldn't do any harm to my face. Maybe a little pain here and there but that was it. Eventually, almost everything was back to normal. I went back to school and told my friends why I was gone so long. They didn't know what the truth was because I lied to my sister and she told all of my friends. I told them the truth, had the x-ray copy with me and everything. I even had to explain it to my teachers. They didn't know what the truth was either. My sister had the same teachers as I did so she told them the lie. At that point everything was back to normal.

I learned that you should always tell the truth, especially if you were shot in the face with a BB gun. Also, you should always go to the doctor when severely injured. My friend learned a lesson too. Never play with guns! Though it was an accident, there is always a lesson to be learned.

From that incident, i have now gained a new name, Bee-B.

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Aiea, HI
All My Stories
Posted On: August 10, 2007

Midway City, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: December 27, 2006
i was shot at an angle so it hit me below the eye and went back into my jaw. k?

United Kingdom
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Posted On: December 21, 2006
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