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Hi, my name is Alexis
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That what a best friend is

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Created: 2005-02-18 20:24:07 All stories by
A Best Friend is someone that is like a sibling. Someone who you can turn to when you need help or a shoulder to cry on. You will always remeber the funiest, crazyest,funest memories. You will remeber both good and bad.The memories will never go awyay. You just get more and more every day. You can always look up to your Best Friend for advice and they will always be honest even if they know that it is something that you dont want to hear. But they tell you anyways. A Best Friend is someone that you want to spend every chance that you have with. A Best Friend is someone who you go to the mall and check out all the guys, have sleepovas and got to parties and dances and have the best time eva. You both like the same guy. But forget it that does not matter you both can have him. A Best Friend is someone who you can tell anything to and you know that they will not tell anyone. You can tell them all your seacrets, fear and share your dreams. Best Friends friendship will last for ever. No one can brake you two up adn you can not stand being mad at each other for more than 3 minutes. A Best Friend always tells you that you can do it and they never stop believing in you even if you say that you cant do it ova and ova agian.They still sit there and tell you that you can do it. A Best Friend you can say I Luv You to! A friend will help you up when you fall but your Best Friend will be sitting there laughin there butt of becuz they are the one who triped you. Then you will stand up and start laughin your butt off too. A Best Friend is someone who you always get in trouble with and it does not matter how much trouble you guys got in you will always say that it was the best time and that you will never forget it. You will be sitting there laughin you butts off well your parents are yelling at you for what you did.Who knows you might even say that you guys should do it agian. That is wat friendship is to me! yay kat bffl best friends for life

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All My Stories
Posted On: October 20, 2009
So true my friend. So true. I have my buddies... We ROCK and ROLL!

*Asia *Sophie



Snell, VA
All My Stories
Posted On: September 1, 2008
It's so true and It's great. The only advice I'd give you is to space the paragraphs. (It would make it alot easier to read.) It's really good and I rate it with true judgement and say 5 stars.


All My Stories
Posted On: April 22, 2005
This rocks and is so true!
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