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Hi, my name is Joanna and Eric
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That Summer

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By ShortShyOne89 Send DollMailSend EmailAIM
Created: 2007-06-01 12:27:30 All stories by ShortShyOne89
I wrote this a while back as a short series and dicided to delete the individual parts and combine it into a story


part 1

JoAnna had a pretty good life in Texas. Even tho she was beautiful with light blonde hair and slender body she didnt have a boyfriend but she didnt care, to her life was more about opertunity and she felt that aboy friend wud only restrain her from opertunity even though she wudnt mind having one. her dad worked for a low profile govenrment agency and her mom was a stay at home mother who raised her and her 2 bothers. Tavis wa 17 and Logan was 14. One day her dad told them they were moving to New York City. Even though she was sad to leave her friends she was completely syked about moving to the best shopping area in America. The first thing they did when they got there was meet the neighbors. oh great she thought a whole day of meeting old people and boredom. The first 6 houses were as she suspected...then they got to the 7th house.....

part 2

She rung the doorbell and a really cute guy answered the door and asked who they were. She felt like shed been slapped across the face a cudnt hardly answer so her mom replied "we were the new neighbors from Texas and we was just going around the neighborhood to meet people. this is my daughter JoAnna, my son Travis, my son Logan, my husband Robert, and im Mary". "oh alright, my name is Eric ill tell my parents your here" then he turned to JoAnna, Travis, and Logan "and if you guys wanna go chill with me, my sister Kaylin, and a few friends u can". it turned out Kaylin was 13 and Eric had just turned 16 so JoAnna, Travis, and Logan were really gald they were their neighbors. They had alot of fun and Kaylin and Eric asked if JoAnna Travis and Logan could stay the night since they didnt have school the next day adn their parents said it was alright so they did. The next day Erics girlfriend Tiffany came over. JoAnna answered the door bc it was early and every1 else was asleep and the girl was like who are u? when JoAnna told her she siad oh well welcome to the neighborhood...ill go wake Eric up and u cna get back to sleep if u want JOAnna just sat down and wondered why the one guy she ever allowed herself have a crush on had to be taken. she slept till the afternoon when something happened that really surprised her....

part 3

suddenly Tiffany stormed out adn slammed the door. JoAnna ran upstairs to Erics room and found him sitting on his bed staring out the window as Tiffany drove off. JoAnna asked what was wrong and he told her that Tiffany was leaving him for his friend Toby and when he tried to talk her out of it she called him pathetic and left. JoAnna hesitated for a few minutes...she didnt wanna hug him too tight bc she didnt know if itd be too obvious she liked him plus she didnt know if hed want a new girlfriend this soon or if hed even like her. there was also the fact that she didnt want to start something more when they werent even that good friends yet. all and all it was juss too risky. finally she hugged him and they talked about Tiffany for a long time. after a while they started joking and laughing. over the course of abuot 3 weeks they became great friends and everything was great. Their freindship seemed to bring every1 else together. Logan adn Kaylin even started dating. around mid June Eric started having feelings for JoAnna too but he was wayy to shy to tell her bc he still didnt know she felt the same way for him. one nigh Eric decided to tell her how he felt. he invtied her to his house one night his parents were out of town wiht truly innocent intentions...he was gonna go to the movies with her, bring her bak to his house, talk it over then take her back home. after they saw the movie they talked bout the movie all the way bak to his house then when they opened the door....

part 4

when they walked in the door the lights were off and it was dark our side but moon ligh was still shining thru and they could see Logan and Kaylin juss sittin on the couch kissing and watching a chik flik. JoAnna thot "aww!! how cute!" but Eric jumped into big brother mode and started yelling at Logan like he was doing something horrible against Kaylins will or something. Then JoAnna thot it was rediculos and tried to calm Eric down. He wouldnt listen so JoAnna took Logan home and told Eric to call her after he stopped being a maniac. This really hurt Erics feelings bc it sorta reminded him of Tiffany and he thot she said it juss to make him mad. They went nearly 2 weeks without speaking and JoAnna started dating a guy named Mark. oneday Eric saw JoAnna holding MArks hand at a summer carnival and it nearly broke his heart bc not only did he like JoAnna but he knew that Mark was only dating JoAnna to make his Ex jealous. Eric tried to tell JoAnna but she wouldnt listen bc she was just as hardheaded as he was and didnt wanna hear it. She and Mark dated until early July when she went to his house to surprise him oneday and saw him making out with his Ex in his room. She ran out crying and went to Erics bc she wasnt sure whereelse to go and appologised for not listening to him. He told he probably would have done the same thing and hugged her to make her feel better then he looked her in the eye and said "theres something ive been wanting to tell you since the night we had that really big fight about Logan and Kaylin" then he stopped and wondered weather he should tell her or not. "well what was it?" she asked between sobs from where shed been crying so much. "I love you JoAnna,i ahve for a while now and ive just been to chicken to tell you". JoAnna was a little taken back at first. she hesitated and then....

part 5

"wow" she siad not really sure if she actually heard him say it. "what do u mean wow? If you dont want to be with me you cant tell me." "og corse i want t. ive wanted to since the first week we met." JoAnna and Eric were a cute couple because they didnt want to rush anything. Infact they had been dating 3 weeks befor they kissed for the first time. JoAnna would never forget that day. It was raining and since it barely rained in her part of Texas she loved the rain. She was splashing in the puddles and twirling around but all Eric wanted to do was get inside as soon as possible. "SCARDY CAT!" she teased him as he begged her to juss get in the house. "you really shouldnt call me that again" he threatened her playfully. "why not scardy cat" at that point she pulled her close and kissed her and suddenly it was like the rain wasnt there anymore and he would have stayed out side all day juss to hold her that close to him. They finally went inside and they got blanket since they were frezing and watched a movie while she lay her head on his shoulder. Earlier that week Kaylin had broken up with Logan and Travis was just tired of the whole city so when JoAnna got home her father annoused they would be moving back to Texas the Monday before school started. While Logan adn Travis were overjoyed JoAnna ran to her room devestated when she heard a knock on her door adn it was Travis. She rolled her eyes as she opened the door and asked what he wanted. "Look im srry ur so upset but Texas is a big state and there are plenty of guys there it just doesnt make since for you to want to stay here over a guy." "HES NOT A GUY HES *THE* GUY!" she exclaimed adn burried her head in her pillow. Tavis gave a her a hug and told she would feel better after she got back to Texas. That night she prepared herself to tell Eric she would be leaving in 2 weeks and 3days.


"what do you mean you are leaving in less than 3 weeks????" Eric asked in an upset tone" "i mean that im moving back to Texas and we ahve to break up when i leave bc it wont be fair to either of to have a long distance realtionship."Joanna replied "well," Erica said. "will you still call me adn let me know how everythings going?" "ofcorse and u better do the same thing!" they laughed and were unseperable until the day she had to leave. "I guess this is good bye" he said as he hugged her. "i guess so." she said and kissed for what seemed like forever but ended to soon. Then she watched from the the window of their Explorer as the guy she loved get smaller until she couldnt see him anymore.


~~~~~~I might do a sequel to this about what happes when JoAnna gets back to Texas but im not sure



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