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Hi, my name is CheHaiZo
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Texas Girls, Texas Dreams

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By fairy90 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-11-24 15:38:54 All stories by fairy90
*Order of dolls left to right, top to bottom*

*Chey,Me, Hailey- Hailey, Me, Chey- Me,Hailey, Chey -Me,Hailey, Chey- Chris and I, Sam and Hailey, Jake and Chey- Hailey, Me, and Chey*

~Some events are true and some are not-it's a mixture of both~

Hailey and I were bestfriends, always looking out for teachers, when the other was chewing gum and we always shared stuff. Not secrets ~sometimes, we kept them from each other for the sake of the other best friend~, but like... books, candy, drinks, laughs. That kind of stuff. But then, Chey came along. We became the Dianamic Threo of the century. Me and Hailey met in third grade and me and Chey exchanged the first 'hello' in fourth. Then all-of-a-sudden, BOOM. Bestfriends.

"Kristen called me a badword." Hailey said looking at our other 'friend', Kristen.

"What did she call you?" I asked astonished that one of our friends would do this.

"I can't say it." Hailey said, swallowing all tears she was about to let burst out.

"Whisper it in my ear." I said, offering my ear to her.

"Mother-..." She started, and then I finished the rest for her in my head.

"Oh my God!" I cried out, "All because you told me she had a crush on that one guy? Oh my Goodness."

{Cheyenne would be out of school for awhile, so that is why she isn't included at first}

I looked at my locker and then struggled to open it. Finally I got it, and opened it about three more times. "Zoe! Zoe!" Hailey called from the end of the hall, where people were pushing her against walls and lockers, "Hailey!"

I dove in to save her, then I slipped and almost got pushed into the boys restroom. Hailey pulled me out and we laughed. It was obvious we were mature enough to know right from wrong, but still immature enough to think boys and their bathrooms were icky. Me and Hailey have never had boyfriends, and when we crushed on them, the other would walk up to the other and punch them clean in the eye to shake them out of their madness.

I pulled my gray and white hat farther down my head and sighed. Cody was cute, but I would never go out with him. Infact, I would rather shove a live frog down my throat, than have him 'put the moves on me.' I sat across from him at lunch and stared into his huge brown sparkling eyes.

One of the girls looked at me staring at him and called from the lunch line, "Ho!" {Excuse my wording, but I had to, sorry.}

"W-what?" I asked turning away from Cody. The boys at the table behind us called, "Zoe! We all want to go out with you!" And I turned. They all were sweet, but... no.

"You stupid ho. I knew you would go after him. God." The girl from the line said and scowled at me. Hailey jumped up from my side, "Shut up Izzy. Zoe is sweet and would never want to hurt anyones feelings. Not even yours, you retched bat."

I smiled and hugged her.

-Enjoy it so far? Should I continue?-

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: November 24, 2012
love it!
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