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Hi, my name is Sandy
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TDP Mermaid Princess

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By capturedmoon Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2006-09-08 23:10:50 All stories by capturedmoon
The ocean sparkled in the sunbeams as the white fluffy clouds floated above the clear blue sky. The waves softly came to the beach with more seashells. Swimming beneath the waves with her blue tail shimmering in the water and her long pink hair was the mermaid princess of the sea. She leaves her doll palace early in the morning when it is still dark and comes home when the sun is setting. Not one creature in the sea is unfamiliar with her. The sharks have no respect for the mermaids and is absolutely annoyed by their singing. As long as dolphins are near by there is no need to worry.

Swimming wonder less the mermaid decides to head back home early. With her dolphin by her side there was always joy in her heart. He was her best friend and her only friend. She had been thinking about her 8 sisters that also lived with her in the doll palace. They wouldn't be coming home any time soon.

"What do you think Sandy is doing right now?" asked Atina. As she enjoyed the waterfall coming down on her.

"Probably collecting seashells or something." Andrina replied as she sat on the other side of the rock.

"She's probably off with her dolphin teaching him new tricks" Ar ista told them as she to braided her hair.

"Well I think we should find her a prince. Its time for her to leave. What's the point of her having her here if she's always off with that dolphin and never spends any time with her family?"

Andrina's words where always full of hate and jealousy if they referred to Sandy.

"Oh stop it, Andrina. She knows more about the ocean than you do always wondering around with that dolphin. Now why don't you go find the others and tell them mom's making dinner tonight." Was Atinas cold reply.

"Fine!" and with a splash she dove into the water. Meanwhile at the doll palace Sandy placed her dolphin in the cave right next to her bedroom. Until something caught her eye just outside her window. Something was staring at her down in the seaweed. She decided to swim down for a closer look. Sandy pushed the seaweed out of her face waiting to see what was staring at her but before she could look her sisters voices where laughing in the distance.

"Oh," said Aquata. Startled to see Sandy in the seaweed.

"Aquata! Hi.I didn't see you comin."

"Yes, well we where just heading back to the palace. What are you doing out here?"

"Nothing. Just came to see the stars. Its nice out you know."

"Well, I think you'de better come with us. It can be quite dangerous out here."

"I'll catch up."

"Oh don't be silly. Come along now. Its getting late." She had no choice but to follow her sisters to the palace. After dinner she would go out find whatever is lying in the seaweed. Once dinner was over she quickly swam to her bed room and locked the door. Her dolphin was fast asleep. And looking back at her from her window was the same glimmer that came from the ocean floor. And before her eyes she could not believe what she was seeing. A great pearl. Perfectly shaped like the moon. Only this one was pink. It was the only thing shining throughout the dark waters. Finding pink pearls was unsual in her home. First thing in the morning she would put it around her neck before she went out.

The morning sun came and she was out and about in the big blue. Her dolphin swimming right next to her. With the pink pearl around her neck.


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