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Hi, my name is ariana
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Synthetic ecstasy 12

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Created: 2006-03-04 22:17:49 All stories by
*omg if you knew what ive been through with this story first half the story erased after i wrote it.then i re-wrote the story again and i kicked the plug making the comp shut-off so now im pretty tight and i really dont feel like writing all that again but im gonna do it as fast as i can.thanks again to those people who have been reading ive rated and commented most of ure stories the rest i will do in due thanks again if u ever read this story.i mean with all the drama i just withheld lol anyway enjoy dudes and dudettes.

*they ended up joking around and having a ball ,cracking jokes and reciting old movie lines and stuff just having fun when they saw how ariana's jaw dropped.they looked to the door and saw hector standing there.everyone grew silent and there was so much tension that everyone was practically holding there breath.people were staring from ariana to jonny and back to hector.

"w-what is he doing here i thought he was locked up"ariana said nervously

"well his dad is the most richest famous laywer in town so maybe he-

"no dont even say it i dont wanna hear about it lets just go"

"ok shes rite lets go"manny said

* as they walked out and everyone stared.hector was glaring at them till he saw arianas face and his face softened.she saw this and looked away walking with everyone outside.

"so whats the plans"manny said

"there are two teen bashes tonite copa and exit"a-man said

"yea we went to the last two exit bashes so lets go to the copa"manny

"why dont we go to both"jonny said

"you wylin "marika said

"na im serious"jonny said

"well thats 80 dollars a head "ariana said

"so how much does everyone have"a-man said

*they each had from either 150$-250$.

"iight we good then we each pay 80 dollars oh what about the drinks"

"what you mean its a TEEN bash they anit gonna have no drinks"

"yea they do if you know the rite people"

"look the copa doesnt want to loose its publicity because they wanna have underage drinking so forget about it"ariana said laughing

"yea your rite i can live without it but we can bring in our own drinks"manny said

"yea hes rite we could do that and pay off anyone who doesnt want it in there"marika said

"ok if you say lol"ariana said smiling

"well then were all gonna meet in front of jonnys and then go to the copa,its 6:30 now so at 8:30 we meet up and leave by 9 to beat the line"a-man said.

"hopefully no pop-up surprises"marika said laughing

*she was talking about hector and she was hoping the same

*they all nodded and separated.jonny and ariana got into the car.then something hit ariana.she stared at him and he looked at her.

"what?"he asked confused

"what ever happened to you and ana"

"oh uh we broke up the day i ended up in the hospital"

" was that"

"well i was coming from anas house after the break-up thats when i saw you and hector"

"oh...what made you jump in i mean we were mad at each other"

"no ariana i wasnt mad at "

"you werent i mean i thought you were"

"no i wasnt not with you"

"oh i want you to know im so sorry about everything"

"me too"he said smiling

~why dont i just tell him how i feel~she thought~im such a wimp~

* they got to her house and he parked.he ran across the street

"see yah in a few"he yelled

"yea you too"ariana yelled back running into the house

*as she entered she saw her parents were in the living room with two men.

"oh ariana just in time these men are here to speak with you"

"yes we would like to discuss somethings with you"

"is it about hector"

" about the demo you sent us"

*ariana was confused for a bit then she rememberd the demo from 4 months ago.

"omg i forgot all about that"she said

"lol we realized with your reaction well you won and we want you on j records"

"OMG YES THANK YOU"ariana screamed jumping up and down,the men beamed.

"we take that as a yes"

"yes omg yes"she said

"well im heath jones and this brian landy"heath said.

*she shook both their hands and kept smiling

"well we would like to discuss this over a meeting so how about tuesday at 1"brian said

"sure i dont mind you dont know how happy you just made me "she said smiling

"dont worry it gets better lol"heath said

"heres our card if you have any questions"brian said

"thank you so much"

"you welcome kiddo have fun and dont forget we really want you for j records"

*they left and ariana screamed some more her parents came running in

"omg i won they loved my demo and omg im so happy"

"im very proud of you ariana"mom said

"so am i"her father said

"well thats over so where are you going"her mother asked

"im going out with everyone to the copa and exit"

"at what time we'll you be back ariana"

"at either 3 or 4"

"haha dat was funny try 1:30"

"oh ma please come one im sorry about everything but i really need to go to this"

"no ariana-

"let her go"

"no i mean shes punsihed"

"just forget it she deserves to have fun "

*ariana hugged her parents while her mother still tried to stop her.finally she threw up her hands up in the air and her father winked at her.she smiled and ran was now 7:40 and she wasnt even ready.she setteled for her outfit which was all baby blue and was very sexy and she loved it.she ran to her bathroom and did all her gurly gurly stuff then got was 8:25 and she still hadnt done her hair.she was gonna leave it loose.she then put it in a half loose ponytail.she put her makeup and her perfume.she looked in the mirror and saw she was looking hott.she called marika.

"you ready"

"yea im lookin od cute"

"i know what you mean omg i got so much to tell you"

"oh i bet lol"

"what does that mean marika"

"oh nothing lol you'll see"

"what do you know that i dont"

"nothing OMG bye love yah lol"

*ariana couldnt help but laughing.she closed her cell when her house phone rang.

"hello ariana here"

"ariana thank god we caught you"

"yes who is this"

"its brian and heath"

"oh hey whats wrong"

"nothing we heard ure demo on more time and we didnt notice more to it"

"huh?what you mean"

"there was a session with you and some friends"

"omg that was made on to that"

"yea and it was so great we never done this before but we wanna make a band"


"yes with you and ure friends bring them tuesday the ones that were in the tape"

"OMG are u serious"

"yes so dont forget"

'i wont, i'll tell them tonite"

"ok we'll see you all next tuesday"

*she hung up and layed on her bed.she was smiling and didnt notice that jonny was smiling at her at the doorway.

"must be a nice thought"

"omg jonny where did you come from"

"lol from a great distance"

"hehe so what you doing over here"

"well everyones waiting for you and your over here being lazy"jonny said laughing

"oh im so sorry i just have so much good news"

"i know you dont have to explain"he said

"yea"she said sitting up while jonny laid down

*she stared around the room thinking and forgetting where she was until she felt jonny sit up.she turned and he was watching her and thinking really hard.she stared back and then he spoke

"ariana i cant hold this in anymore, i was planning to tell you later but i cant its killing me.i love you ariana i always have thats why i did all those things.i went out with gurls that had no chance with me so i could take my mind off you.i always thought you loved me as a brother and it hurt.i was jealous of you and hector and thats why i said all those mean things.then when i saw what he was doing i got so angry and lost control its all cause i love you i know your prob. thinking im crazy but i-

"jonny shut up"ariana said and kissed him.

*stay tuned for the part 13 people :d thanks

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