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Hi, my name is Christina
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By YasminBmnk Send DollMail
Created: 2012-11-13 11:10:01 All stories by YasminBmnk
Christina sat in her dark room. On the floors of the huge mansion below her, a party was going on. Lucius, Lord of their coven, was throwing an engagement party. HER engagement party. To him. She had refused to come out of her room. She was a death dealer, not a house wife. Her ice blue eyes watched the monitor screens around her. The whole security system set up before her. She was indeed the leader of the death dealers, patrolling for any humans that may know of their existence. or worse, Lycans, Werewolves. Their enemies. For centuries, The Lycans and Vampires had been locked in a brutal battle for the dominent race. The head of the food chain, so to speak. at this particular moment they had been having trouble with the Lycan's invading their hunting grounds and stealing their prey. She clicked a button on the keyboard of her laptop impatiently. Nothing. no movement...No signs of anything. Which meant she would most likely have to return to the party. Lucius was relentless. She gorwled deep in her throat. She had to have a choice...she would not give up her position as leader of the elite Death Dealers for marriage. She knew Lucius would ask her to resign. Probably so she could be his personal salve. She shivered with anger. "Not in a thousand years, dear Lucius..." she mumbled. Adding sarcasm on 'Dear'.

(more to come!)

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Fresno, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: November 15, 2012
wow very nice i like it!
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