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Hi, my name is Tina
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Stupid Girl (pt 25)

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Created: 2006-04-16 13:59:53 All stories by
I couldn't stand being so huge! Nalisa kicked inside of me. She's probably dieing to come out now...I walked slowly to the store with John. He kept on picking on me because i looked like a penguin....that is so cruel...."Hah you can't even walk right!", John said while he laughed. I slapped the back of his head and then he poked my belly. Nalisa started kicking again. "Stop it! You're making her kick me you f**ker!", i screamed. He laughed and ran ahead of me. "Wait! If i fall you're paying the price because i'll haunt yo a$$ for eternity!", i yelled behind him. He stopped and waited for me to catch up.

We got to the store and i sent him to a baby section and grab a couple of things like more diapers and clothes. "I'm going to call the others to help me out.", i told him. He nodded and grabbed what i needed. *Hello?*..."Yeah, mom come to the store and bring Mariah and T.j okay? We need...Umm..We need a walker, a highchair, a crib, and umm...and toys!"...*Okay we'll be there in 10 mins!*..*click*..i sighed and gave the phone to John to hold. "Oh and get some food too. She's suppose to be due any day now...We're such last minute shoppers."..He looked at me confused and then i sighed again.

My mom ran towards me and then grabbed a huge highchair and handed it to T.J. "Okay we need help!", she said. I laughed as T.J struggled to hold it. John walked up to him and tried to help him carry it. "Thanks man", said T.j.

It took at least an hour or two because of all the things we prepared for. The next day we set up one of the guest rooms into a nursery. I was nervous because i thought that i wouldn't be able to hear the baby crying if i'm sleeping but T.J said that he'll put the volume really high so i can get scared. He's so nice....

I was so bored that i decided to call Shandra. *hello?*..."Shandra? It's me Tina!"...*TINA! WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED!? I TRIED TO REACH YOU!*.."Sorry i have been busy..."...*For 9 months? That's hard to believe...*..."Umm...Well i text messaged you."...*Oh $hit! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!..I never check those because i have to pay for everytime someone text messages me and when i send one back so ignore them....Sorry T..So why were you so busy?*..."Because i'm 9 months pregnant!".....*AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OMG! CONGRATULATIONS! AHHHHH!*...I heard Joel flipping out in the background...He must of gotten scared because she was screaming..."Ummm didn't Joel tell you?"...*What!? NO!....JOEL! YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THAT SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE A BABY!.......yea right!...Liar!....He's saying he forgot...a$$hole...*..."Umm wanna come over?"..*YES!...I'll be right there!*...*click*

Later on someone knocked at the door. I went down to answer it but T.J was already there. "Hey Shandra long time no see", said T.j. "Umm what are you doing here?", asked Shandra. She stood next to Joel. I walked up to T.j and stood next to him. T.j put his arm around my shoulder and said, "I'm living here with my girl and my baby girl"...."OMG I DIDN'T KNOW THAT YOU WERE THE FATHER!", she screamed happily. She was so excited that i thought she would have a heart attack. "Come in", i said. They both walked in and sat down at the couch.

T.j helped me sit down. "So..Does what happened with Nati and Jess?", asked Shandra. "Well they both hate me but i want them to be there when i have the baby...Even if we aren't friends...I want them to be there...I want you there too. And Joel...Not Davon though...But i wouldn't mind if he came...Well actually i would mind because i would feel so uncomfortable....", i said sadly. "Well i think Jess tried really hard to get back at you because she's dating Davon!", Joel said. "FOR REAL!?", i yelled. He nodded and then i started laughing so hard. Everyone looked at me confused and then my stomach started hurting really bad....

I put my hands on my stomach and squeezed my eyes shut. "It's...It's", i said...I moaned in pain and then my water broke. "Call 911!", yelled T.j...It was time for Nalisa to be born.

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Posted On: April 17, 2006
next part next part come on dont stop man
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