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Stranger with the Mismatched eyes [1]

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By Xx_Rini_xX Send DollMail
Created: 2012-06-01 23:40:06 All stories by Xx_Rini_xX
Okay here it is! I finally typed it all up!



It always starts out the same. The nine year old me is sitting at a park bench reading a book over the human anatomy, something I had grown fond of learning about. I don’t remember why I was there. Normally screaming children bothered me. Some of them thought I was weird or I just thought they were annoying. However it was a nice day out.

And like always I hear those words. Those shrill words that those children yelled. “Freak!” “Weirdo!” “Mutant!”

Again I close my book and march over to the group of children huddled around someone laughing. I cleared my throat trying to get their attention. Finally I spoke, “Then that must make you all mutants as well then.”

“What?” One of the children spoke.

I sighed at his lack of education, “The average human has 60 different mutations in their body. Therefore aren’t we all mutants then?” The children just looked at me stunned. I could care less though. One by one they scattered leaving the boy they were torturing alone. I looked down at the boy. Surprisingly he looked my age. At first he seemed normal. He had long black hair, and was kind of skinny, but not really boney. However it was his face that really caught my attention. His skin had a port wine stain on it. But what really surprised me where his eyes. He was looking up at me with mismatched eyes, one blue and the other one brown. I was so taken in by those eyes that I words hardly came out of my mouth.

“Are you okay?”

The boy just looked at me and nodded. He looked fine from what I could see. I figured he would be crying or upset, but he wasn’t. All he said was, “Who are you?”

I sighed yet again. “It’s rude to ask for someone’s name before giving your own.”

The boy just blinked and looked at me like he didn’t understand. “But I don’t have a name.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Everyone has a name. You certainly should have a name.” He just shook his head which just frustrated me even more. “Well where are your parents then. They can tell you your name.” The boy’s gaze fell to the ground and his head hung a bit. I realized I shouldn’t have said that. He must not have had parents and he probably doesn’t know his name. Quickly I said, “Well I’ll call you Stranger. After all, that’s what you are.” He lifted his head up to look at me. He didn’t smile, but I could tell he was happy. “I’m Claire. It’s nice to meet you.”

I was pulled out of my dream by my noisy alarm clock. It was the same dream again. No, it was more like a memory. It was the first time I met Stranger. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been dreaming about that. No matter how I try and make sense of it I can never figure it out. However I just pushed the thought aside and started my daily routine.

Every morning is the same. Get up. Make some coffee. Check my email. If I feel like it, brush my hair. Take inventory on spare body parts. Then finally turn on the T.V. to make sure our faces aren’t on the 6 o’clock news. Then I’m finally be greeted by a light knock on my apartment door before it is opened by none other than Stranger. This morning was no different.

“Claire,” A masculine voice called out to me. It was very much unlike the voice of the little boy in my dream. It was hard to believe that it had already been 13 years since then. “Do you have any food?”

Without looking away from the T.V. I replied, “There’s some stuff in the refrigerator and you can pour some coffee.” From the living room I could hear him shuffling around trying to find something. I rolled my eyes and tried to concentrate on what the News Anchor was saying. I was just in time to see a report on a dead body found. It wasn’t something that was uncommon; however this corpse was missing its eyes. To me, this scene was all too familiar.

“Stranger, you need to stop taking people’s eyes. At least wait until I can find a way to transplant them.”

Stranger just chuckled and I could hear him entering the living room from behind me. I turned around and glared at him. Even though I saw him every day, today I couldn’t help but think about how much he’s changed from when we were little. He was tall and gained some muscle. His face was rid of his port wine stain and his skin now looked flawless. Now instead of his mucky brown hair he had smooth blonde hair. The only thing that hadn’t changed was his eyes.

“But how do I know you won’t figure out how to today?” A playful smirk appeared on his perfectly crafted lips.

I just rolled my eyes at him again as he sat down on my couch. “Because you and I both know there are no such things as overnight miracles.” I paused, “Why don’t you just wear the colored contacts I bought you?” I already knew the answer.

“It’s not the same. They’re too fake.” He explained calmly. We sat in silence for a brief moment as he sipped his coffee.

Finally I said, “I’m trying though. It’s not as easy as replacing your skin. So please be patient.” Before he could say anything I changed the subject. “So, what did you do with that person’s eyes?” I thought you didn’t go out last night.” I actually remembered him calling me to let me know that he was just too tired.

“What are you talking about Claire?”

I was confused now. I had taken log on every person Stranger killed and which ones were found and when. Most of the time the bodies were found the next day. Stranger never moved the bodies and because he doesn’t have his original skin and hair the only DNA he really had to worry about was saliva and blood being left behind.

“There was a girl on TV that was found dead this morning and her eyes were gone.” I explained to him. “They are saying that it was done by the serial killer again.”

“It wasn’t me.”

“Then someone’s framing you.”

Stranger lifted an eyebrow, “So?”

I sighed, leaning back, “They are using you.”

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South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands
All My Stories
Posted On: June 4, 2012
I learned more in your first two paragraphs than I have in one year of Anatomy. Then again, all we did was play Monopoly while our teacher slept...

Anyway, I like this. A lot.

All My Stories
Posted On: June 2, 2012
Not exactly... but kinda... haha XD


All My Stories
Posted On: June 2, 2012
So...Stranger is...kind of the good guy in this? Weird. XDD


All My Stories
Posted On: June 2, 2012


Palo Cedro, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: June 2, 2012
Ooh, muy interestante. Me gusta Stranger aqui.
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