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Hi, my name is Darth Rose (April)
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Star Wars Secret Episode 2: April

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Created: 2005-08-22 13:32:05 All stories by

As the war went on, April realized she loved someone. She loved Anakin. "I think I love him." April said to herself. April was wearing a black robe, with black leather shoes. She looked more evil than ever, and she looked as if she had been to Hell and back. She no longer felt for others. She was truly dark. Although, she didn't really know why or how she had become this way. "Our master wishes to see us." Anakin told April. "I'm coming." Replied April. As April and Anakin walked out of the room, they knew they had to be prepared for a mission. A dangerous mission.

Anakin and April walked outside. It was late at night. They saw Darth Sidious standing there, waiting for them. Anakin and April knelt down, to bow before him. Darth Sidious put his hand on Anakin's head. "Arise Darth Vader." He murmered. "Thank you master." Anakin said. Then, Darth Sidious put his hand on April's head. "Arise Darth Rose." He mumbled. " Thank you master." Said April. April thought she was the luckiest girl in the galaxy to have a Darth name. "My assignment for you is not easy, I will give you 48 hours to destroy the three Jedi that stand in our way." Darth Sidious stated. "Yes my master." Anakin said, without problem. After April thought for several moments she finally spoke. "Yes, master." She stumbled. 'Is something wrong?" Darth Sidious questioned April. "No, not really." April lied. Darth Vader and Darth Rose went off to do they're job. To destroy the Jedi.

"Leanne, the Sith are causing chaos all over the galaxy. We must stop them." Obi-Wan told her. "Will you help us in destroying the Sith?" Added Luke Skywalker. "I will do what I must to defend the galaxy." Leanne replied. Leanne went off to the Death Star, accompanied by her blue lightsaber and her knowledge of The Force. Leanne powered up her speeder and took off into the sky. "Be careful!" Obi-Wan yelled to Leanne. "She'll be fine Master, just fine." Luke told Obi-Wan. Leanne flicked the switches to go faster, she was good at flying. Very good. "This is my first mission alone, I will not fail." Leanne thought aloud. Leanne reached the Death Star and she powered down her speeder. Leanne walked in, being ready for anything. She knew she had to be.

"Is something wrong Rose?" Vader asked Rose suspiciously. "Nothing, really, nothing." Rose sighed unhappily. "I'm not stupid Rose. I know you're upset about something. I can sense it!" Said Vader, practically yelling at Rose. "Well, I kind of feel like I have betrayed my friends, like I let them down. I kind of feel I do not deserve to live. Oh, please Vader, don't tell Sidious!" After Rose told Vader her well-thought feelings, she felt uneasy. She opened her mouth to say something, but quickly shut it to hear Vader's response. Vader stared at her, and Rose stared back. Vader said nothing. The two Sith moved closer together. Vader pulled Rose close into him and took a deep breath. They kissed. Rose felt so happy, and sort of dazed. "No one must know about this. Not even Sidious." Vader said. "I know, I know." Rose said with her eyes shining. The Death Star shook and Rose fell to the ground. "We have identifyed a Padawan in the south courter." A stormtrooper informed Lord Vader. Rose got to her feet quickly. Vader and Rose pulled out their red lightsabers. They both went down the halls toward the south courter. They saw the young padawan and confronted her. All of them were ready to fight.

"You're days are at an end Sith Lords!" Leanne exclaimed. "Not quite, I have more skill in the Force than you." Replied Vader. "Don't make me kill you Leanne!" Yelled Darth Rose. "You've changed April! You've become what you wanted to destroy!" "Don't let her tempt you into turning to the light side of the Force Rose!" "Join the light side April." Leanne said. "I'll never join you! I'd rather die!" Retorted the young Sith. "I guess thats the way it will have to be." Leanne stammered. Rose went quickly to a fight. Leanne pulled out her lightsaber and got ready to face the Sith in a lightsaber battle. Rose swinged her lightsaber at Leanne and got her in the arm. Leanne acted quickly, and used the Force to heal. Leanne swiftly attacked Rose with her lightsaber and Rose fell to the ground. Rose felt deep pain. Rose didn't bother to stand up, she knew it would do her no good. Vader was upset about Rose and stared at the young Padawan, in deep hate. Vader attacked Leanne with all his might. Leanne fell to the ground, in more pain than she had ever been in before. Vader laughed evily and prepared to destroy the Padawan. Vader raised his lightsaber ready to strike Leanne down. As Vader was about to finish off the Padawan, Rose jumped to her feet. Rose put her lightsaber against Vader's and wouldn't let him do his job. "Rose, what are you doing!?" Screamed Vader. "I'm protecting my friend!" Replied Rose. Leanne got up, and attacked Vader, bringing Vader horrible pain. Rose let Leanne proceed to the main Lobby in the Death Star and Rose stood beside Vader, knowing she shouldn't have done that.

At the Jedi temple, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were getting worried about Leanne. As Master Yoda was training the advanced younging, Summer, Yoda suggested that Luke should go make sure the Padawan is alright. Luke agreed with Master Yoda and took the second last speeder to go check-up on Leanne. Luke flew the speeder and ran into troubles. "Gobog userssay Jedi poodoo!" Said a passing alien. Luke spotted Stormtroopers, they were firing at him in almost every direction. Luke pulled a fying manoever and got away from the stormtroopers very quickly. Luke Skywalker apporched the Death Star and he powered down his white and blue speeder. He went into the Death Star, as if there was no problem, as if he knew the place. When Luke got inside, he saw Darth Vader being picked up, off of the floor by the Young Sith Appentice, Darth Rose. "Not so fast Vader!" Exclaimed Luke Skywalker. Darth Rose took out her lightsaber yet again and battled the "Jedi Wannabe". Since Rose was not customed to the Sith Ways, and knew very little of the Force, she quickly lost the fight being permently damaged. Vader took out his lightsaber and hit Luke with much power. Luke did a backflip and suffered little damage. Vader took Rose and brought her to the east courter to calm down and to heal. Vader left Luke to go to the Central Lobby and defeat the young Padawan. Vader found he was too late. All his stormtroopers were no more, and the Padawan had escaped. Rose got up finding no one was at her side. She got up to assist Vader and ran to the Lobby. She saw Vader staring out the window watching as Luke Skywalker left, following behind Leanne. The only people left on the Death Star were her and Vader.

"Oh no. Darth Sidious is gonna kick my Appentice ass." April sighed unhappily. "Do not worry about it, you've made bigger mistakes before." Vader replied. April's was still in deep pain, but she didn't bother to admit it. She didn't want to nag Vader about anything after what she just did. "Vader, I am sorry. I will learn my place. It was not wise of me to interfere. I love you, and I hope you still love me." Rose told Vader in a deep, serious voice. "I am glad you are admitting to your mistakes....." Vader began. "I do still love you, I always will. The Jedi will be back. They will be hold many weapons and destroy the Death Star. The Emporer has foreseen it." Vader took Rose's hand and bought her to a Star Destroyer. "Ewoks first." Rose teased Vader. "So what are you waiting for then?" Vader joked. "LOL! Ok I'll get in first then!" Rose laughed. Rose got into the speeder without having to be told twice. Vader went in after her and they took flight. Vader was the best pilot in the galaxy so, April didn't need to worry about crashing or other things. "So, where exactly are we going?" Rose questioned Vader. "We are going to find those Jedi and take them to The Emporer," Vader replied, "then they WILL join the Dark Side." Vader gave a smile. Rose knew what Vader meant. It was simple. If Leanne and Luke did not join the Dark Side, they would be destroyed. Only fools would let themselves be destroyed. Rose didn't say anything for a while. Until Vader spoke. "You are very quiet Rose. When you are quiet you are most likely thinking about something. What is on your mind?" "Nothing really, I just wish....there was a way to get Leanne and Luke to join the Dark Side, without the threat of Death." Rose explained. "That is beyond our expectations, my young and unexpericed Appentice." Vader said half laughing and half in a serious voice. Rose hated it when Vader called Rose young and unexpericed, she was sure one day she would be strong enough to kick Vader's ass. They reached the Rebel Base (and perhaps the end of the Jedi) and got ready for a fight of their lives.

As Vader and Rose walked into the Rebel Base they saw Leanne just standing there, as if she knew they were coming. Vader and Leanne enchanged glances. Rose stood there, chills weer going down her back. Leanne ignited her lightsaber. Then Rose ignited her lightsaber. Vader took a step back. As if he wanted the two to fight until one of them was no more. This time Rose took out as much anger on Leanne as she possibly could. Leanne was still blocking as many attacks as she did before. Rose was surprized at Leanne. She had always thought Leanne wasn't that strong. Leanne attacked Rose very swiftly, but Rose was getting better, she manged to block the attack and then swing her lightsaber at Leanne. As Leanne hit the ground, Vader laughed evily. Just then Luke showed up, he also did not say a word to the Sith, he simply glanced down and saw Leanne, she was hurt badly and was on the ground in pain. Luke ignited his lightsaber. This time Vader ignited his lightsaber, and Rose steped back to rest. Vader used the Force and hurt Luke imeddietly. Vader and Rose picked the two Jedi up, and brought them to their Star Destroyer. They took off into the black sky, hoping that the two Jedi would join the Dark Side.

Leanne woke up in a Dark, Dreary place. She saw Luke a sleep beside her. Leanne heard footsteps coming toward her and Luke. It was a dark fiqure. Leanne saw the fiqure clearly, who other could it have been besides Darth Sidious! Darth Sidious looked at Leanne and smiled. "Where am I?" Leanne asked Palpatine. "You are in the Death Star's main reactor." Responed Emporer Palpatine. Darth Sidious walked away. Leanne just sat there staring at the walls, awaiting her destiny.


*star wars end theme plays*
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