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Star Light, Star Bright

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By awardwinningauthor Send DollMail
Created: 2011-06-16 23:01:11 All stories by awardwinningauthor
I don't have any idea how much of this story'll end up being written, since I basically knew what I what I was doing for this part and the very end.

But enjoy.


Wishing on stars is phenomenally stupid. Do people really think that a giant ball of flaming gas gives a sh'it what they're hoping for?

But I couldn't help but to wish, looking up at the distant shards of light that glittered like diamonds on a sky of deepest blue. I couldn't help but to want to believe that they had the power to change something, or, better yet, to change everything. Standing beneath those perfect pinpoints of fire, millions of miles away, I couldn't help but close my teary eyes tightly, praying that they could make things better.

They couldn't help, of course.

I told myself that as I stood under the boundless night sky, armed wrapped around myself for some semblance of warmth, trying hard to blink back the tears than slipped from my dark brown eyes. The only solace that I found, staring up at the sighs, was the feel of soft, uncut grass beneath my bare feet, the tips of blades tickling my legs. I half-closed my eyes, sighing, and inhaled the sweet, fresh scent of the grass and the lavender blooming in the flowerbeds that my mother kept near the house. The stars couldn't help, but I tried to pretend that they could turn my world right side-up.

I heard the kitchen door open behind me, but didn't turn. I kept my gaze focused on the glimmers of light, willing for them to make things better like fairytales had taught me they could. As another tear coursed down my cheek, I heard someone take an almost-hesitant step towards me, and then another. I shut my eyes tightly as /he/ stood just behind me, and tentatively reached out to touch my shoulder. I jerked away from him, turning my tear-streaked face towards him, my bottom lip trembling as I struggled to hold back sobs.

"Katie," he began, blue eyes looking hurt. I shook my head furiously, angrily wiping at the tears that refused to stop falling.

"Don't you dare say anything," I told him, brokenly. "Don't you dare pretend that you give a sh'it about what I feel, not after what you just did. Hell, what you've /been/ doing. God, I wanted to believe you! For the longest time, I thought you were for real! Get the hell away from me, Nathan!"

"Katie, please," he tried again, reaching out towards me again. Staring at him, I wanted nothing more than to punch the expression of victimhood and confusion and apology from his handsome face.

"Do you not speaking English? Get away from me. Don't come near me again. I don't want to fu'cking ever talk to you again, you a'ss! Get off my da'mn property!" I turned away from him, forcing myself not to look back at him and storming back into the house, leaving him behind me. My mom had, tactfully, retired to her room when she'd heard us arguing, so the kitchen was empty.

As the screen door slammed shut behind me, I noticed his jacket lying on the counter, along with a pack of strawberries--my favorite--that he'd brought especially for me. Without hesitating, I picked up both, threw open the door again, and carelessly dropped them into a mud puddle left over from a rain shower a few days before, letting the door close again and locking it behind me. Then, having gotten the message across to him, I ran upstairs to my bedroom, falling onto my bed, burying my face in a pillow and letting the sobs burst from my lungs. I couldn't stop them, or the tears that poured from my eyes, even as I heard his car start up and drive off. I didn't stop crying until I'd run out of breath and tears, and then I just lay in the darkness of my room, eyes shut tightly in an attempt to convince myself that I was asleep, that it had all been a dream, in case that could actually fix anything.

Of course, I can't just not move. It's boring. So I sat up, sighing heavily but not so heavily that it turned into a sob and then into another cascade of tears, and glanced at the clock. 11:12. Da'mn. Off by just one minute, as always.

Not that 11:11 wishes work any better than wishing on stars.

Not that wishes work, period.

But it was a cool time, all the same.

Although, come to think of it, 12:34 is cooler.

I shook my head, trying to regain focus in my constantly-wandering mind. 11:12—11:13,now—wouldn't be too late to call Rhian, and she'd be sure to kill me if she wasn't first with the news. So, wiping the last traces of tears from my cheeks, I picked up my cell phone and turned it on, the LCD screen the only light in my room except for what came in around the edges of the door. I debated for a moment whether to call or text, but decided that my best friend's voice—as much as I loved her and as much as I would love to be consoled at the moment—wasn’t what I wanted to hear right then. So I lay back on my bed, quickly typing 'Nathan and I are over' before letting my phone fall to the bedspread beside me and turning my eyes to the ceiling.

I didn't have to wait long before my phone vibrated alertingly, the screen lit up again with Rhian's reply. Almost listlessly, I lifted the phone above my head so it interrupted by unparalleled view of the white ceiling, and ran my eyes over what she'd said.

'OMFGWHATTHEHELLISGOINGONWHATTT???' her text read. It took me a few moments to insert the spaces where they were supposed to go, and then I wrote back, 'Can I tell you tomorrow? I don't feel like texting it.'

After pressing “send,” I ever so smoothly dropped the phone onto my forehead. Always the graceful one, I was.

Soon, my phone buzzed again, this time with an incoming call from Rhi. I sighed, but pressed the little green “accept’ button, holding the phone to my ear to hear my best friend begin scream, "No you cannot wait until tomorrow to tell me! What the hell is going on here? What did he do? What happened? What's the deal with you and Nathan? Dammit, Katie, tell me!"

"Rhi, calm your face," I said, half-wearily. "Look, I really don't feel like explaining this, like, ten times, so can you just wait so I can tell everyone at once tomorrow? It'd make me gloriously happy."

"Would it?" she asked suspiciously.

"Well, not really. But very marginally more happy than I am now," I said gloomily, turning my head to look out my window. I could see, between the slender boughs of a young tree outside my window, the stars that sparkled with the false hope of dreams coming true.

"Do I need to fill a douchebag's locker with killer bees?" she asked, her voice helpful and pitying. I couldn't help but smile slightly to myself at her suggestion.

"It's tempting, but I'd rather you didn't get in trouble, so hold off on the insects, okay?"

"Oh, all right. Just... Don't let him bring you down. 'kay, Cabbage?" My faint smile grew slightly wider, as it always did, at the nickname that had begun as an insult in fourth grade. "Mom's giving me pointed looks, so I'm going to go to bed. Love ya bunches, call me for verbal huggings if you need them, and remember that those bees are always an option."

"Goodnight, love you too," I said, ending the call just after her last "goodnight" and letting the phone fall back on the bed beside me. I remained lying on my bed for a while, unwilling to move and disturb the muting peace I'd managed to grasp after the tears had stopped. I didn't want to do anything that might start me thinking about Nathan again, or what it had taken me so long to realize. I wondered if I'd been entirely blind, if there had been signs the entire time that I'd just missed because I hadn't wanted to see them. Surely it shouldn't have taken until I'd read the texts on his phone to realize how good a liar he was.

Of course, I shouldn't still have been with him. Truth be told, I should have broken up with him during the first month that we'd been dating, when I'd found out that he'd gotten back together with his ex, Nicole, and they'd been dating behind my back for a couple weeks. But he'd been so convincing when I'd confronted him, he'd been so sincere when he'd sworn that he and Nicole were over forever, he'd been so earnest when he'd apologized for lying to me. I shouldn't have listened to him, just dropped him then and there, but I couldn't bring myself to. My friends, of course, told me that I was crazy, Rhian loudest of all, but then the months had gone by and they'd grudgingly accepted that maybe he wasn't a lying scumbag.

It was almost infuriating that they'd been completely right, and purely maddening that I hadn't noticed it until tonight, half a week shy of our six-month anniversary.

His texting had always been one of my peeves. When we hung out, I made sure that my phone was silenced, and that my friends wouldn't try to interrupt me. He, on the other hand, would text near-constantly throughout the entire date or hangout session, his fingers on the keys seemingly whenever his lips weren't on mine. I'd never complained about it, because it didn't seem like that big of a deal, but I'd finally just gotten fed up with it.

"Seriously, /who/ are you texting?" I'd asked, deftly snatching his phone from his fingers while we were lying on the couch, watching some movie that I hadn't been paying attention to. He had tried to take it back, but I leaned away from him, checking his most recent received text, from "Nick."

'U kno u could of come over here instead' it read. Puzzled, and worry beginning to whisper in my ear, I had looked through the other messages, the ones received and sent. The most recent message in his outbox was 'yea rite. im so bored,' in response to Nick asking, in the next one in the inbox 'Lol having fun at ur gfs?' Nathan's, before that, read, 'hell no. man i so want sum rite now,' and Nick's message before that was, 'U still not getting any from her?'

"What the heck?" I had burst out, almost throwing the phone back at him. "Who the hell is that?" Nathan had looked more embarrassed then ashamed, under his masses of luxerious chocolate brown hair, and didn't speak, but cold certainty had crept easily into my mind and I said, flatly, "Nicole? That's who you're texting every time I see you?"

"Look, Katie, it's not—"

"It's not what, Nathan?" I'd demanded, tears of hurt and anger beginning to fill my eyes. "Don't give me any of that sh'it that you gave me months ago, because apparently I was an idiot for believing it then! Are you 'getting any' from her? Because you're not getting /anything/ from me, a'sshole." I'd stood up, and stormed out of the living room and outside, trying to force myself not to cry as I'd stood beneath the endless stars and wished.

More than anything, I'd wished that he'd fall into a spike-lined pit, or a vat of acid, or a tank of rabid sharks, but those options hadn't really seemed probable.

Member Comments  

All My Stories
Posted On: September 15, 2011
Stupid boys.

Can't listen to anything but their DI'CK.

Very lovely start!

All My Stories
Posted On: June 20, 2011

But other than that, your a brilliant writer Erin.


Palo Cedro, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: June 17, 2011
Aweeeeeeeeeeesome. Glad you're writing.


All My Stories
Posted On: June 17, 2011
Aw, man.

You're brilliant.

Peggie. xox

All My Stories
Posted On: June 17, 2011
...boys. Will. Die.


Lovely story, Erin! SO GLAD to see your writing up and about! Don't want it sleeping forever!


Quapaw, OK
All My Stories
Posted On: June 17, 2011
I loved this. You should write more. Oh, and I don't think sharks can be rabid. Then again, I didn't know bunnies could be rabid before one bit me...

Anyhoo, great story. I've never been in a relationship, but they must suck because I hate them for an unknown reason. Hmmmm...


All My Stories
Posted On: June 16, 2011
Relationshi'ts as I like to call them, suck ass...not that I've been in many, but...we'll ya'll know.

Super amazing story Erin. I'm going to start pacing inside your wall now until you write more, so if you hear little scuttling noises, that's just me.


Ellettsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: June 16, 2011
WAHHHHAHHAAHHH! I wanna cry. I've officially decided relationships SUCKKKK!

Amazing story though, Erin. Hope to read more of it.

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