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Hi, my name is Yoko Kashi
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Spirits within: Yoko Kashi

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By SapphireKnight Send DollMail
Created: 2011-02-09 15:21:30 All stories by SapphireKnight
After her soul was infused with the fox spirit Yoko, Kashi Simorra has relased the power with. She first dicovered this power one day while trying to brush her teeth when she sneezed. Her head dissappeared and she was able to learn invisability. With her trusty scythe she combats evil spirits that try to devour souls who lose thier dreams and those who are weak in "the hope of the future". At certain times she tranfers dimenions in hopes to over come the evil within the spirit of Yoko. In the end she must fight Yoko himself.Is she strong enough? How can she fight a spirit? Does this actually make sence? Stay tuned for more Spirts Within

Kashi is the leader of a spirit/ soul team and repersents the element Ice.

When she transforms, her hair turns blue, she grows blue ears and a fox tail and admits cool air from her skin

Her best friend is Midori.

other team members include:

Ming mei Midori

Sanura Renge

Yaholo Yuki

Uiara Semka

Cygnus Miaka

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