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Hi, my name is Poetry
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Small Victories

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By Kunabee Send DollMail
Created: 2011-07-31 20:12:08 All stories by Kunabee
A small piece of mind, a flower that grows,

The flyaway days of wild carefree thoughts,

The newer the more innocent.

But at some point or another it happens to us all,

We loose what is loved and our heart is broken,

So in silence some reach out while others draw in.

The one who fights for an open heart,

Scarred and bruised and broken but strong,

Achieves the small victories, the long-fought for.

And it's hard to watch them walk out the door

Or be carried to the ground,

But it's either they wounded you or life has shunned them,

And you're as cold as the death they keep,

Close to their hearts, no matter what kind.

So when you feel that slap, or hear that word that makes you cry,

And they leave your life forever, sometimes,

All your faith goes flying.

It's hard not to just stand and stare,

To let life roll you over and push you down,

As solemnly they watch your small victories become all for naught.

These small victories slowly become all for naught

Unless you still are greater then the fight.

Member Comments  

Aurora, CO
All My Stories
Posted On: July 31, 2011
It depends. Right now I'm more of a poet, have been all through eighth grade. In seventh grade I was mostly a songwriter. But normally I write mostly stories.

Palo Cedro, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: July 31, 2011
Very cool.

So random question, are you mainly a poet or writer? Cause I noticed you haven't been posting any stories or one-shots lately, I was just wondering. :3
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