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Hi, my name is Ashley
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Slave Girl

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By lola_444 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2006-09-05 17:52:18 All stories by lola_444
One day on Doll Ave, Ashley was cleaning her sisters room. I bet you are wondering "Why is she cleaning her sisters room?" Ill tell you,

One day when she was 8, her sister Amanda was 10, and her other sister Annabelle was 12. Her parents went on a cruise to Hawaii. They were going to be gone for at the very most 6 days. Since Ashley is the youngest, Amanda and Annabelle were looking after her. So they waved goodbye to there parents. Since Ashley could talk to her mom and dad any time she wanted, Annabelle and Amanda were the nicest sisters ever! Until the police showed up.

"Hello is this 44 Doll Ave?" said the police.

"Yes it is." replied Amanda.

"Um, we are from The Doll Palace Police. Can we come in we have some sad news." said the police very seriously.

"Oh, sure come right in." said Amanda feeling very weird.

"Hi Mr. Police!" said Ashley when he came in, very excited to see a police in her house.

"Hello Ashley. Um, Amanda you may want to take Ashley to the room farthest from here. It would be better if she didn't hear this I think." said the police as serious as ever.

"Sure." said Amanda as she took Ashley upstairs. After Amanda put Ashley in the bathroom she came down to see Annabelle crying, and the police gone.

"Annabelle what...what happened? Don't cry Annabelle. Where did the police go?" said Amanda.

"The police left. Amanda... mom and dad are dead!" sobbed Annabelle.

"The police is.. what mom and dad are dead? What? How?" said Amanda as she started to cry to.

"They died on the cruise ship. It sunk. We are in charge of Ashley." continued Annabelle. They heard a faint cry coming from upstairs, and Ashley started walking down the stairs.

"Mommy and daddy.. gone?" asked Ashley.

"Yes Ashley go to your room now." replied Amanda. Ashley stomped up to her room.

"Amanda do you know what this means? We are in charge of Ashley!" said Annabelle.

"Yeah, so?" said Amanda.

"We are in charge of Ashley, as in we get to tell her what to do!" said Annabelle very excited.

"Ok, but we should wait a little while because what if the police come back and Ashley blabs to them we have been making her clean our rooms." replied Amanda.

"Yeah, good idea." said Annabelle. Years went passed and here we are at the beggining...again. Ashley was now 14, Amanda was 16 and Annabelle was 18. The prom night was coming up and Ashley really wanted to go.

"Pu-cha yeah right anyone would want to go with you!" said Amanda.

"Yeah Ashley now go clean my room." added Annabelle.

"Yes Annabelle." said Ashley as she went up to Annabelle's room. Ashley was treated very poorly by her sisters ever since she was 10. Ashley lived up in the attic. There was lots of stuff up there, but one thing Ashley liked alot was the fabric. Ashley was a very good designer. She made her own working outfit and it was very beautiful, until her sisters tore a few peices from it. Ashley work hard on Annabelle's room until it was all finished. Then she went onto Amanda's room and cleaned it.

"ASHLEY GET DOWN HERE" yelled Annabelle.

"Coming Annabelle." said Ashley as she rushed down stairs to see wat is the matter.

"Clean up that mess!" said Annabelle.

"What mess?" replied Ashley. Annabelle spilled a whole bunch of chocolate milk on the carpet.

"Oops! That mess, clean it up NOW!" yelled Annabelle. Ashley cleaned the floor until it was not covered in chocolate. When she finished all her chores it was already 10 o'clock. So she went up to bed. The next day she went to school and on the bulletin board she saw a post for the Prom.

"Oh, I wish I could go to The Doll Palace prom, it is supposed to be so much fun! Jessica is the host! She will be the best host ever!" thought Ashley. She looked over her shoulder to see Matt Machinon, the most popular guy in school, staring at her. So she walked away quickly and went to class. After school she went home and wrote in her diary she found:

Dear Diary,

Today I think Matt was actually looking at me! I really want to got to the prom with him, but he is probably going out with stupid Tara, head cheerleader. I ha-

But then the phone rang.

"Hello?" said Ashley.

"Hi is this Ashley?" said the voice.

"Yes, may I ask who this is?" asked Ashley.

"Yeah, It's Matt Machinon, from school." replied Matt.

"Oh, uh hi Matt." said Ashley very embarressed.

"Yeah, you ran off so soon today I didn't get a chance to ask you if you wanted to go to the dance with me." said Matt.

"Can I call you back Matt?" asked Ashley.

"Oh, yeah, sure." replied Matt. Then Ashley was thinking about how to go to the prom with Matt. Then she knew how. So she called back Matt.

"Hi Matt, I would love to go with you to the prom!" said Ashley as soon as he picked up.

"Ok great." replied Matt.

"Bye, I love you... I mean uhh bye" said Ashley as she hung up.

"You going out with Matt? Pl-ease, stop talking to yourself Rat your a little to old for that." said Amanda rudely. So Ashley went and locked Amanda out of the attic and started making her dress with the nice silk fabric she found. In the morning, Ashley tryed on the dress and it fit... but it needed something else, maybe a wrap? Yes a wrap! So Ashley made the wrap and got her make-up on. She called up Matt.

"Hi Matt!" said Ashley.

"Hey Ashley, I'll come and pick you up tonight at 9 o' clock" replied Matt.

"Ok see you then!" said Ashley as she hung up. Ashley went a put some of Amanda's make-up on and waiting until Matt came to pick her up. The dorr bell rand a hour later. So Ashley went to open it.

"Hi Matt! Come on lets go." So Ashley and Matt went to the prom. They went out to dance on the last song.

"I'm really happy I'm here with you Ashley." said Matt as he kissed Ashley.

"Ugh, how come Ashley gets Matt and we don't have dates! It is so unfair!" said Annabelle.

"You know what this means Annabelle don't you? We have to be nice to Ashley." said Amanda. Matt and Ashley ended up getting married and having 2 kids, and for Annabelle and Amanda they make good maids for Ashley!

They All Lived Happily Ever After!!

The End!!

Member Comments  

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: September 26, 2006
it's okay...

Zionsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: September 24, 2006
^_^ Lol, that's karma for you. Nice job.


Flushing, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: September 24, 2006

But it wasnt orginal
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