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Hi, my name is It was her...
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She was always there- A DollPalace fairytale

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By lissymarie Send DollMailVisit Website
Created: 2006-08-29 22:52:28 All stories by lissymarie
For many years, my family, the winter fairies of TDP, had lived in peace. Causing minor blizzards in the server, welcoming new fairies and teaching them our ways, just being us. And then SHE came. A rouge summer fairy, with wintery tendancies, Melindy was welcomed tentitively into the winter community. I, the royal princess and heir the our kingdom, was sure there was nothing a summer fairy could do for us. After all, weren't we opposites? But my opinion soon changed.

Melindy quickly won the hearts of the winter faires with her scented snow roses and multi colored blizzards. I watched, with both a growing fear and growing admiration in my heart. I became used to her brightly colored appearance around the castle, and didn't mind her companionship. She was always there, with her rather strange ways and pretty odds-and-ends. I began to expect her. What I didn't expect was her adoption into the royal family.

Winter custom decreed that if more than one heir to the throne was available, they would rule jointly over the kingdom. I was furious at first, refusing to even see my parents. I locked myself up in my icy room, alone and miserable for a month. Then one day, my door opened softly and someone entered.

"Go away, Mother. This is not the time," I said. But it was not my mother who replied.

"Senesdra, why are you so bitter? Can you not accept me for who I am?" Melindy's words gave me a, well, icy shock. I never realized that perhaps it was better top accept Melindy for who she was, and maybe if I gave her a chance, she would become a better friend than I could imagine.

As it turned out, I was right.

Postscript-When the invading Preps army took away many hours of sleep, Melindy was always there with a bath of rose-scented lavendar snow to cheer me up.

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