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Hi, my name is Jessica
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She saved my life (a story of friendship)

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Created: 2005-12-20 18:57:10 All stories by
In 8th grade I was a depressed little geek with no friends. One day I was walking home from school. depressed and lonely as usual. A school bully, Danielle, had taken my books and threw them into the tree. I started to climb up to the top to get them, and i saw, to my surprise, I saw Kay, the most popular girl in school, starting to climb up to get them for me. I was so surprised. To me, Kay had always seemed snobby and mean. Well we walked home together and hit it off. Kay and I became best friends. She didnt know that she saved my life that day. I was so depressed because I didnt have any friends, that I was going to kill my self. Kay helped me realize that I was smart and beautiful and had a wonderful life, that without her, would have ended for no reason. Four years later, I became valedictorian at my high school. In my speech I told her how much her friendship meant to me. After Graduation, she let me in on a little secret. That I was the best friend she ever had, and all her other 8th grade friends had spread nasty rumours about her, and generally tried to make her miserable. Kay said I helped her make new friends that liked her for who she was. A best friend can save your life.

thank you Kay


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