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Hi, my name is Marissa
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She Left Us pt.5

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Created: 2005-04-10 15:36:14 All stories by
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Marissa pulled out her white bathing suit with different shades of pink hearts on it and put it on. She grabbed a towel out of her own personal bathroom and walked down the staires. She grabbed a bottle of Lemonade and walked outside. She went to the pool house where all the supplies where kept and grabbed her favorite Pink floatie chair. She walked up the ladder of the pool and sat slowly on the chair. She pushed away from the edge and floated around the pool. Marissa had her cell so she set the alarm to 5:20 so she could relax. Marissa thought of all the memories that she had about her mother. She remembered her delicious pancakes, beautiful singing in the morning and her smile that could light up a room. She soon fell asleep and had a dream. It was her and Alexis, they had just arrived at Marissas mothers house. They walked in and the place was spotless. A man came up to them.

"Are you Marissa and Alexis? Madam Valorie has been waiting for you," The butler said. He walked with them outside into a garden. Marissa saw a woman, in a Church Sunday Suit and walked up to her.

"Mom?" Marissa questioned. The woman looked up and smiled.

"Oh, Marissa, Ive been waiting for you!" The woman stood up and hugged Marissa tightley.

"Why did you leave us? Me and Dad." Marissa said. Her mother pulled back and looked at her sadly. Suddenly, out of no where, Marissa heard Ciaria's 1,2, Step playing. She awoke and looked at her cell. It was the alarm going off. She pattled to the ladder and got out. She walked to her room and looked through her closet to find the perfect outfit. She found one and went to the bathroom. She straightened her hair, put on her make-up, and brushed her teeth. She walked downstaires to her fathers office and typed a note on her fathers computer:


Grandma Julie called. Wanted me to go to Spankys with her and some other relatives. Ill be back later.



She left the computer on and walked outside to her car. She pulled out her drive way and headed to Spankys. When she got there...

Whats gonna happen?

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