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Hi, my name is Jasmine
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By santana_sisterz13 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2006-09-11 21:21:24 All stories by santana_sisterz13
Its been three years since my sisters disappearance. At least that's what they call it.

I know for a fact it wasn't a disappearance...three nights before she left she visited me. she had talked about a Magical place called The Doll Palace...I'd heard of it in legends It was a place where everything good excisted all good witches dreamed of finding it being able to be in Harmony with Nature there. Oh forgive me I didnt introduce myself I'm Jasmine since my sister left me I'm the rightful heir to this wreched kingdom where justice doesnt exciense for those that cant pay for it, and everythings dark and dreary there was only a soft glow came from the sun and moon,making it dark all the time. I wish I could go with my sister to her wonderful kingdom all she left me was this amulet she'd been a healer she said this would help me always be with her...I thought in spirit but now I think she may have meant physically.....


"that's enough!"Jasmine's instructer said putting away his wand.

Jasmine threw one last powerball at the dummy as her instructer walked out she continued to throw them..slowly they changed from black to a white shimering with the colors of the rainbow....Jasmine looked as the smoke from the power ball that hit the dummy turn into the same colors..strange..that had never happened expecially not here in Adronder the kingdom of darkness and even more strange light had never appeared here in Adronder not in front of any of the princesses of darkness who would continue the legacy of conquiring and killing...yay...


Later that morning

"Jasmine come down here we have unveil the new statue of your father!"Her mother said walking out the door she as usual was wearing dark colors,"Well were leaving now with or without u!"

"fine i dont care go."I said quietly running my fingers along my sisters bed.

Suddenly my amulet started to glow...I took it off and ran it along side the bed it began to glow as i went lower i reached my hand under the bed and I felt a piece of paper I took it out it said:

Jasmine....I know your hurting...asking why I didnt take you with me...Jasmine I wasnt sure if I would make it...if the doll palace would really excist...but I made sure this letter would appear only and only if I had found a safe...path to the doll palace. Since you found this that amulet will help you get there careful there's going to be a man well..not really a man he's about 14 only a year older then you honey his name is Jared he'll help you he lives in the kingdom he know how to get out and into the woods honey be careful maybe you'll have a niece by the time you get here.


Jasmine took a deep breath then exhaled she knew this would be her chance to finally get away to be able to disappoint her parents even more then Ameila did ha I can finally get back at them for not caring for always putting themselves first for not even trying to find ameila. I ran out of her room and down the hall to mine I grabbed a leather bag the i could just put across my chest and I grabbed a red cloak I made sure to pack some food in the bag and two dresses and another pair of slippers and my red cloak would do fine..wait what about that boy...jared i quickly grabbed a emerald green cloak it was boyish...kinda. I ran outside and thought Jared...there was the blacksmiths apprentice ...but no...could it be him everyone said he was hideous and thats why the blacksmith never let him out others said he was strange and had skill with dark magic.

I timidly knocked on the door.

A booming voice called out,"Whoo is it!"

"Princess Jasmine..."I said softly then cleared my thought and spoke louder with more force,"Jasmine Princess of The Kingdom called Adronder."

The door flew open and big tan man stepped out I caught a glimpse of a boy with beautiful dark hair a curl fell softly over his face giving him an angelic look he looked at me and smiled I could feel myself turning red.

"Yes your highness."The blacksmith said looking suspiciously at my cloak.

I put the hood down and said,"I wish to buy your apprentice."

"Buy?! Your Highness he isnt worth that much...but whatt would your price be?"The man said greedily

"BUY!!! FATHER!"The boy said getting up those hazel eyes grew cold as they looked at me..

"...a t-t-thousand gold pieces..."I said His eyes where hypnotizing.

"Sold!"He said taking the bag of gold greedily he threw the boy out with a small leather bag.

"Wait...I wish two buy two of your best swords..."I said helping the boy up.

"I'll show you..."He said softly taking my hand then letting go right away seeing as his father was about to hit him.

"Dont he's mine now you will not lay a hand on him!"I said outraged,"Please show me...Jared..?"

The boy nodded then led me to a small cabinet "this one is one i was the best sword I ever made..the second was made by my brother Jonathan he..disappeared about 3 years ago...about the same time Ameila did.."He said softly

"Good..I'll take them,"I said turning away from him,"Will 10 thousand do..?"

the boy nodded and grabbed them he placed a leather belt around my waist and slipped it through the loop then the one he made he looked at admirably then started to put in the other loop.

"Dont...Its yours I bought it for you.."I said with a smile i could see the tears that had been forming in his big eyes start to escape I turned and led him out the door.

"Jared the reason I bought you...I'm sorry but that doesnt sound good...well the reason I ..."I tried saying polietly

"Its ok you bought me."Jared said smiling it wasnt the smile he had given me when he had been working on a shield earlier.

"Well Your Brother did he leave you...a map?"I asked timidly

"what?! How did you know...?"He asked stopping.

"My sister Ameila left me a letter saying you'd help me get to the Doll Palace."I said

"I thought they had something to do with eachother..yea i have it here.."Jared said taking out a piece of paper with a drawing of the Castle with the lands around it.

"Well lets go..."I said pulling the hood up again darkness would be arriving soon.

"Yeah come on the path to the woods is this way.."He said pulling his Green Cloak on, It had holes...

"Wait.."I said pullin out an Emerald Green cloak,"Here.. I knew I'd be getting a Traveling Partner I was hoping you'd be nice Here..."

He looked at it and smiled he threw off his old cloak and put this new one on he looked so Handsome his tanned skin and hazel eyes mixed so perfectly with the Emerald Green.

We went on walking for hours we stopped for a break before entering the woods I ended up falling asleep on a rock.

I woke up staring up into Jareds eyes He smiled at me and continued walking until we reached a spot he could put me down.

I knew I was turning red I could feel it,"Thanks...I'm sorry."

He smiled a beautiful smile it still wasn't one like the one at the workshop but it was close,"Its ok I'm sure that'll be the only time I'll ever be able to hold a princess."

I smiled and said,"I'm not Jasmine Princess of darkness anymore."

"I never thought you where dark no matter what colors you wore when you'd smile down at the children that smile was so pure you looked like an angel."He said turning a lil red.

"Just like the time you where working in the workshop..."I said smiling.

In return I got a half smile and his voice went a bit shaky,"We should keep going we'll be near a river soon and once we reach it I'm sure we'll be closer to the Doll Palace."

I smiled lightly and continued grabbing onto his arm for support.

Jared turned out to be wrong we continued walking for weeks then weeks turned to months about two months had passed since we started out we had no food left only what we managed to catch... I didnt look the same either mud was stained onto my red and black dress and my hair was full of bugs my face had mud stuck on it too Jared looked as handsome as ever a bit tired and dirty but still handsome.

We reached a waterfall it said the Doll Palace was close to it.....


"Jasmine I'll close my eyes or take a nap so you can wash up or..." He said a bit shyly.

I turned bright red and said,"You can take a bath here...I'll go over there..."

I turned and walked swinging my bag over my head to get it off i placed it on a branch Jared could still see me but not as clearly as he usually would of been able too I took my dress off and walked into the water leaving the rest of my clothes on I dont no how long i was in the water I was turned so I wouldnt be facing jared,I turned once and saw him without anything on.

"Hey!"He yelled turning red.

"I'm sorry!!"I said staring a bit..I know..but I'm not a Princess anymore

"Well I'm going over there then! gosh you already saw me i feel so violated."He said laughing.

I felt strong arms around my shoulders he was clear of any of my personal parts he held on to me for a while I could feel a surge of energy run through me into him I gently pushed him away and went under water I felt so free I looked over at where my clothing was I saw a MAN!

I screamed.

"What!'Jared said turning around.

he ran out without anything on he reached for his sword,but it was across the waterfall it came flying towards him and landed in his hand he ran the sword threw the man's chest his blood fell onto my clothing jared grabbed my bag and put it closer to shore he walked back in and dipped his sword in it was clean as ever. I felt my hand touch my neck to see if the amulet was still there it was I sighed. I looked at Jared confused He looked at me then quickly turned around. I put my hand on his shoulder and said,"What? I think your forgetting...I was the princess...that entitled me to be able to preform certain Magical spells..."

He smiled and said,"It's just...I've never felt that way...It's like some of your power leaked into me I was so worried he'd go for you...I know its stupid..."

I smiled then my smile slowly faded as we neared each other I soon felt the warmth of his lips on mine. He got out of the water first and fell asleep near the shore I slowly walked out I grabbed my bag and threw my old dress and slippers into the waterfall. I walked behind the water fall and put on a ligh pink dress with dark red flowers at the bottem it was the same style as the other one except me and Ameila had spent hours making this dress I pulled on Pink slippers with red rubys in them in the shapes of flowers and I walked back to Jared I put my head on his chest and fell asleep.

Again I woke up looking into his eyes he smiled it was closer to the one like he had when he was working in the workshop.

"Lets go I figured out where were supposed to enter the doll palace...My brother told my dreams."Jared said mystic like I got up and ran a brush through my hair I left it down It had slight curls and they fell over my face softly as i ran after jared he had our bags and swords.

"Here.."Jared said walking behind the waterfall He grabbed my hand and said,"We need to let the magic flow through us and we'll be able to enter."

I nodded and put my hand on the rock and held jared's with my other hand.

I could feel my magic flowing into Jared and Into the waterfall the rocks turned white with a shimer of rainbow colors.

I smiled and for the first time saw the smile jared had when he was in the workshop.

When the light cleared I couldn't see Jared anywhere..I looked back and he was on the floor it was the man...didnt he kill him...?

"NO!!! JARED."I yelled trying to run back but I couldnt get to him he looked at me and smiled that beautiful smile of his he made a motion for me to continue..then his hand fell...and his eyes rolled back...

I regretfully turned around from that horrible sight and I saw A beautiful white castle I could see Ameila and Jonathan near it....and right there before my eyes was JARED! I ran towards him but a hand stopped me it was a Lady in Purple with purple hair and a sash across her mouth she looked like a genie she said in a song like way,"Welcome..To the Doll Palace." I Smiled and ran towards Jared,Jonathan,and my sister to be greeted by a beautiful baby girl in a white gown she looked around two she had beautiful golden curls and she wasnt in dark colors. The Ruby in the amulet turned into a white rock that shimmered of rainbow colors and of Happiness We were finally away from all the darkness. I had Jared,My sister,Jonathan,and a niece...and most important I had a guy that would love me no matter who i was....or what I had been.

And We all Lived Happily Ever After....


News in Adronder...

"The Princess Jasmine was declared missing and possibly dead that is now two princesses gone...they will live forever in this land...LONG LIVE ADRONDER!"

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