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Hi, my name is Nyx
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Scarred {007} THE END!!!

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By twilightgirl2136 Send DollMail
Created: 2010-04-14 19:17:48 All stories by twilightgirl2136
"You are the first who understands. And I thank you for that. All of these years, that is all that I have been waiting for. Just someone who understands, someone whom is mature enough to accept people for what they are on the inside, not for what they appear to be on the outside." Selene said in a high, clear, beautiful voice. I smiled, I knew how she felt. What a sweet, truthful girl…

"Did she just, okay did she just do what I think she did?" Jase said with his mouth wide open and his eyes put into a questioning glance. "Yes, I did Jase, and you shouldn't be one speaking Little Mister I'm Going To Kiss The Human." Selene said with authority. Jase began to stutter, but unlike him, I could actually speak. "How'd you know about that Selene?" I asked her curiously, it wasn’t that I minded her knowing, honestly she seemed like someone that you could trust, but I was curious as to how she knew. "Asteria may talk more than you know, but only to those whom are willing to listen." Selene said with a smirk, facing it towards Jase. His jaw was hanging open, wide. I smiled a bit and laughed a little at his expression.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Nyx I am going to kill you." Jase said shaking his head in disbelief. "What did I do?" I said laughing. "You made everybody in my family love you! That isn't right! That isn't possible! Physically or mentally! You made Artemis drop her huntress status immediately, you made Athena actually want to help someone other than herself, you made Asteria speak more sense than anyone has ever heard her speak in years, and then you made Bill and Jolisa think you were like the best mortal ever and you made them immediately calm down and not kill you, and then, and then, you made a stubborn vampire, who's never spoken in her life, speak! Are you like magic or something?!?!" Jase said looking quite confused. I laughed a lot more. "Oh, wait, I didn't finish. Pillar didn't kill you! There's another thing." He said, now he was laughing to.

But I stopped.

That wasn't a subject I ever wanted to enter with Jase. When I stopped and got all serious he stopped as well. I looked down, ashamed that I didn't just laugh it off and act normal. A few tears left my eyes. They dripped down my cheek. Jase caught one and wiped it off of my cheek. Selene mouthed the words from beside me 'Bad subject' to Jase. Jase looked up at her with a look that said "Really? Really now? Wow, I didn't know that…" in a highly sarcastic way. I sniffled a little and began my tale. "Well, you both know that Pillar… Um… Hits me. And it hurts, really, really badly when he does." I said, my voice was cracking, and I sounded so childish. I frowned and paused for a while more. "You don't have to tell us if you don't want to…" Jase said in a empathetic voice. "No, no I have to get this out. Anyways, so he hurts me, a lot. And one time, I made a friend at school, and this was against Pillar's rules. And I didn't tell him about it. I was only eight. It was only a year after he took me. I made a friend. Her name was Layna. She was my best friend. And then one day, it was one of those parent nights. And it was mandatory to attend, and Pillar wanted to see if what they were teaching me in school was appropriate for the way he wanted me raised. Well we came. And Lana seemed to spot me from across the room. I had begged Pillar not to go, I begged and begged him. But he ignored me." I began sobbing wildly now, but I continued with my story.

"He came and Layna ran up to me, she was so innocent, she didn't know any better, she ran up and hugged me. She asked me who the guy was and I said it was my dad, the given story that I was supposed to say. Then she hugged me again and told me that she would see me tomorrow. I was scared and Pillar pulled me out into the hall. He yelled at me and told me that we would settle the matter at home. Later that night, when we were going home he asked me if I told her anything, and I said no. He told me that I was lying and said that Layna had to go. I begged him not to hurt her but that just made him madder. He took me home and hit me, he hit me harder than he had ever hit me before. It hurt so bad, he threw me again the dining room table, and the force of the blow cracked my skull, it also broke the dining room table. I had critical damage to my spine, neck, and head. Then he picked me up by the neck and nearly choked me. I almost died on that night, and I almost did. But he took me to the hospital last minute. When they asked what was wrong he said I was playing with the pet Boa Constrictor and that it began to wrap itself around my body, which caused all the choking, lung damage, spine damage, and most of the bruises. Pillar then was asked what all the head damage and other stuff was about and he said that once he got the Boa off that I had fallen and hit my head on the corner of the dining room table, that it broke me and the table. So he continued telling lies about that until the doctor agreed to treat me. He treated me and said that it was a true miracle I had survived, especially considering my age, and the massive loss of blood. He told me I was the kind of person who gave other people hope, and that I should never give in or give up because my willpower proved that a lot more people should survive that aren't. He told me that it was also amazing that I didn't have massive brain damage and critical or permanent paralysis. He told me that most adults would not survive what had happened to me. Pillar wasn't there the whole time. And I vaguely wondered where he was. Then, the next day at school… Layna wasn't there… And when I asked where she was…. They told me she wasn't coming back…" I said crying, now I was curled up beside Jase, my face was resting on his chest and I was sobbing into it.

Selene had her hand on my back and was hugging me. Everyone was silent, eventually I stopped crying and looked up. I looked at Selene first, because I was scared about what I would see in Jase's eyes. I looked into her odd, clear blue eyes and sadness overtook me again. Her eyes were so, so very sad, it was unreal. Then, I decided it was time to look at Jase.

His face was red and shaking with rage, his eyes were a mixture of anger and sadness. He turned down to see me looking at him and quickly regained his composure, somewhat. "Nyx, you are never going back to him again. I will never let him within five feet of you again. In a way, your torture is worse than all the other girls, they died a quick death, but you, you were tortured endlessly, never allowed to welcome death into your life." Jase said, shaking his head in disbelief. I just smiled up at him, it was a sad and happy smile mixed. "Thank you." Were the only words that I uttered out of my mouth. I hugged him tight, and he kissed the top of my head. I could count on happiness, but I didn't know of the storm brewing in Pillar's mind…


{I may or may not write a sequel to this, I'm considering it, but maybe now, just say on whether you think I should or not…}

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Morrisville, VA
All My Stories
Posted On: May 5, 2010
I love it,

a sequel would be fantastic =]


All My Stories
Posted On: April 16, 2010
Looks pretty cool. A sequel would be nice.
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