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Hi, my name is Anika
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Save My True Love ~~I~~

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Created: 2005-12-31 22:58:08 All stories by
Hi My name is Anika. I live in Mookio, Jano, in the center of a planet called Earth. I go to a school called Mookio High, and all the boys jaws drop at the site of me. I have my eyes on 1 certain guy, he's reall cute and he always eyes me when I walk by. This a story of love, advencher, and friendship. He we go. I had a crap day of school until lunch when it all became perfect. He sat with me. My one and only true love came and sat with my. He opened his mouth and looked like he was going to say something important "Hi" He said and shuffled closer to me "I was wondering if you uhhh want ...." He was blushing really bright red "If you want to go on a date with me?" He blurted out.

"Y-y-y-y-yes! I would love to! O my god! Are you serious?" I asked nearly about to burst out crying happy tears.

"Yea, are serious? Do you really want to?"


"G-good, I'll pick you up 6:30? That good for you?" He asked. His name was Blake. I should never have said "Yes" but I did and only disaster was to occur.

~Luff All Luff Luff~

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Posted On: December 31, 2005
hmm...pretty good. cant wait to read the nxt 1.

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