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Hi, my name is Aurora
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Rise of the Guardians

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By hillipera Send DollMail
Created: 2013-07-25 22:45:27 All stories by hillipera
One of the three guardian sisters, Aurora was taken by the dark king when she was only eight and raised as a dark princess. She eventually forgot her past, though never forgetting her compassion and love, something a person of the dark could never possess. She became a strong and successful leader of her country and was known as the "glimmer of hope" for those in despair. Before she could marry a dark soldier and become Queen of the darkness, she was kidnapped by the Tameretti as they attempted to fulfill the "Starken Legend" and become powerful leaders. They needed the blood of a light haired princess, a dark haired, and a red head. One of the Tameretti men began to fall for Aurora, for she was beautiful, smart, and kind despite her background. He knew that she could not be a true person of the dark and when he drew some blood from her hand he found it to be gold. He thought that she had bewitched him into making him fall for her, though she did not know she could possess such power. Before he told the leader of the Tameretti, Hazelrah, Aurora's older sister saved her and they escaped. Aurora did not remember her though and started to go dark from her broken heart from the soldier. She returned home, married and became a true dark queen, incapable of compassion. She sunk further into darkness until Hazel was captured and brought to the castle to be executed. There she was stuck to make the decision of killing her said be sister or letting the culprit go...

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