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Hi, my name is Jazz
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By lyndsayviveiros Send DollMail
Created: 2013-12-20 00:43:22 All stories by lyndsayviveiros
"Mother! Tell your husband that I look ridiculous! I am not wearing. . . wearing. . a wedding dress to this party! They will look at me like I am crazy!"

"They will not look at you like you are crazy they will look at you like a bride! That is what we want."

"No Father that is what you want! Not me! For once can't I go to a party as a teenager and not a bride to be!"

I storm back behind the screen at the end of my room and rip the "dress" off and put my clothes back on. I can hear my mother whispering harshly to my father but I can't make out what they are saying. I hear my dad leave the room and I come out from behind the screen with tears in my eyes. I don't know when I got so emotional but it hit me and I walk towards my mother's open arms.

"Jasminda, don't be so hard on him, he just wants the best for you. He wants to give you the life he never had as a young man. Your father and I had an arranged marriage and it has turned out beautifully. Plus they aren't like they use to be. The first time your father laid eyes on me was the day before our wedding. It is different now."

I sniff and realize I am being a child and nod into her shoulder. I know I should go apologize to my father and just wear the stupid dress but something inside me just doesn't want to be the responsible daughter tonight, I want to be a teenager. My mother pulls away from our hug and walks to my closet. She pulls out a gold and red sari and smiles at me.

"I knew you wouldn't want to wear the dress your father picked out so I had this one made for tonight. Don't worry about him I will talk to him but I do want you to go say you are sorry."

I give her a big smile and shake my head. In our country the man is the head of the household but a good wife knows that she will get her way the majority of the time. I always find it amusing. My mother leaves the room and i walk over to my bed to look at the dress. It is a rich red colour with gold trim and gold jewels covering it. It is beautiful and I am so excited to wear it tonight. I change my belly button ring to one that is made of gold and has a ruby that dangles and look at the time. Hair and makeup will be here any minute and I haven't eaten. I race down to the kitchen and grab a bowl of whatever the cook has made today for everyone in the house. He smiles and hands me a piece of fresh bread to go along with it as i run out the door almost as fast as i ran in.

"Jasminda wait!"

I peek my head back in the kitchen, bread in my mouth and the bowl in my left hand. The cook throws a round object at me, i catch it and i wrinkle my nose.

"You must."

I know he is right and so I hang on to it without throwing it back. When I am home my mother puts me on a strict diet and so i take the orange upstairs with me and set it down when i am back in my room. I scoop spoonfuls of warm food into my mouth and look like anything but a bride to be when my crew walks in. My mouth is full of food and my hair is a mess from running to the kitchen. I give them a big smile, my cheeks full and eyes wide.

"We have a lot of work to do."

I swallow what is in my mouth and grab another spoonful before Iris comes and takes my bowl away. She replaces the bowl with the orange and i give her a look telling her I am not impressed but she shoots me one back and points to the chair in the middle of my floor. I drag myself up snatching my phone off my bed and make myself comfortable. I look at my phone and see a text from Whit. She asks about my parents latest "dinner party". Because my parents are trying to find me a suitable husband they often throw dinner parties and invite over young, acceptable bachelors to meet me and them as well. I had one just last week and the guy turned out to be a real loser. I text her back and tell her about my plans tonight. To have fun and be a teenager for once. Unlike my friends I am not at WMB for any special talent or gifting. I am there because my Father is a prideful man and wants "only the best for me". He sends me there for the best education so I can be an equal in my marriage and to keep me out of trouble. My friends at home can get a little wild sometimes and so he thinks it is best that I don't attend school here. He has people keeping an eye on me while i am there. Aka they make sure that I don't date anyone while i am there and if I become interested in someone they tell my father right away. I think of WMB and my heart aches a little bit for my friends. I think of Air and what she could possibly be up to and deiced to send her a text before i have to close my eyes for makeup.

*Hey! I miss you so much! I was just thinking about WMB and I thought, hey I haven't talked to Air in awhile. I hope you are doing well and I hope you miss me! Lots of Love!*

I just send the text when Iris pulls the phone out of my hands.

"Eyes closed."

I obey and feel some makeup brush across my eyes and then feel her cold fingers along the side of my face. I have no clue what she is doing but I trust her. She has been doing my makeup and hair for years. I decide to sit back and relax. I get to enjoy a party tonight wearing the beautiful sari my mother got me and I don't have to worry about marriage or anything surrounding it at all tonight. I let out a sigh of relief and lean my head back in the chair.

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