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Hi, my name is Cindy
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By lyndsayviveiros Send DollMail
Created: 2013-12-19 23:59:47 All stories by lyndsayviveiros
My phone is pressed up to my ear and I hear a soft ping to tell me I have gotten a text message. I ignore it and focus on the call.

"You do realize the importance of this show for the line correct?" I hardly wait for an answer before I dive into the problem. "So you know very well that not getting those jewels to me before friday means half of my line won't be completed. The jewels are the focus of the line. They are on just about every single pair of shoes i have designed for this client. Listen Jacob. We have worked together for years and I enjoy our partnership, lets not let a shipment of jewels ruin that ok? Good. Thank you."

I hang up and forget about the text as i put my phone down and start typing on my laptop in front of me. I hate being the bad guy but sometimes it has to happen. I get lost in my work momentarily before i hear a soft knock on my office door.

"Look at you hot shot. Too important and busy to see an old friend now that you are back in town?"

I recognize the voice anywhere and without looking up i smile and hold up my finger. I finish my sentence, save everything and quickly shut my laptop and get up from behind my desk.

"Sammy!" I walk around and open my arms to my childhood friend. Everyone thought we would get married but in high school we discovered that we would probably kill each other if we ever lived together and then I was shipped off to WMB for design. I feel his strong arms wrap around my back and lift me off the floor. I let out a suppressed giggle and squeeze his neck tighter.

"How is the line going? Your mom told me when she let me in that you are under a bit of stress so i came bearing gifts." He walks out of the doorway and returns a few moments later with a small pint of my favourite ice cream a 2 litre bottle of my favourite pop and our all time favourite childhood movie. "Time for a break?"

Coming home is hard sometimes but Sammy makes it so much easier. I smile and we head to my room and I leave my phone behind on my desk. For awhile everyone in town expected us to date and get married, we grew up together and our families were close. We hung out all the time and enjoyed each others company. For awhile i thought about it but once Sammy got his first girlfriend we moved into brother sister mode and there have only been a couple times those lines have been blurred. We have never kissed but there have been close calls for sure. We sit on my bed curled up in blankets and pillows across from my TV and start the movie. Pulling out two spoons Sammy and I dig in.

"So tell me hot shot. Now that your shoes are famous all over the world are you living the dream? WMB, top shoe designer, nice house beautiful best friend" At that he puts on a huge cheesy grin. "What more could you want in life?"

"Well my dear friend, I am still single so anytime a guy wants to show up in my life that would be ideal."

Sammy goes quite and focuses on the movie but makes sure to give me a gentle smile before he does. "Just don't forget about us common folk when you are done at WMB and travelling the world ok?"

I give him a gentle punch in the arm and hear him let out a small laugh. I lean my head on his shoulder grab a spoonful of ice cream and settle down to watch one of my favourite movies with one of my favourite guys. I can't help but over analyze his silence after my boy comment. He and I always talk about guys or girls so it seems odd. Could I ever date Sammy? I smile to myself. No we are best friends, we've been through too much to ruin anything with feelings.

When the movie finishes I walk Sammy to my front door and he gives me another bear hug. "Thanks for taking a break from your famous life for an old friend."

"Thanks for giving me a reason to take a break."

He gives a little wave and walks down our driveway and across the street to where his car is parked. I shut the door and head back to my office. Now that I have the jewel situation figured out I need to put the shoes in order. I've designed 25 pairs and almost all of them are done except the finishing touches. . . the jewels. Those will come by friday and it will take me a day to put them on the shoes and then the line will be finished. I let out a bit of a sigh and let my mind wander for a couple minutes. I think about each of my friends and what they could possibly be doing at this moment. Some of them most likely sleeping. I grab my phone and notice the text from earlier. It's from Elle. I laugh and wonder why she wants a picture of a shoe but grab one of my favourite pairs off the shelf in my office and walk out the front door. I position them in an abstract artsy way on a rock and take a photo. In the background you can see a few flowers, nothing fancy like Elle's gardens at home but still pretty. I send her the photo grab the shoes and head inside. She always makes me laugh and I know she will fill me in later but it seems like such an odd request. My mind goes back to the girls and i think of Tia. I haven't talked to her once yet since I have been home and i quick send her a text.

*Thinking of you! We need to catch up soon because I miss you a lot and I want to hear how things are going with the new restaurant. I bet you are running show. You are super talented and I miss you a lot. Love always!*

I set my phone back down not expecting a text right away and reach into my desk for my file folder of drawings. I walk across the room to my bulletin board. Around the edges are fabric samples, colour schemes, pictures of abstract things for inspiration and a picture of the nine of us girls at WMB. I miss them a lot but my mind is focused on organizing these shoes. I lay the drawings out and begin to pin them to the board in an order of theme and style. After rearranging them a couple of times I settle on an order and deiced to call it a night. Grabbing my phone and laptop I head to my room. My phone gives a soft ping and i wonder if Tia is awake and responding to my text already. I look down to see Brody's name on the screen. What could he possibly want.

*Hey. I know this is random but the distance has made me realize how much I miss you. I think being away from WMB will be a good break for us but I want to talk soon. I know things ended between us and I also know this is a typical post break up text but I am being honest with you. I thought you deserved to know what I was thinking. I heard your new line is coming out next weekend and I am so proud of you. Can't wait to see it. Text me back ok? Let's catch up I miss you.*

I roll my eyes and throw my phone on my bed. Why does he do this. Text me randomly and bring up our relationship. So annoying. I will text him back but not tonight. Thoughts of Brody swim through my head as I brush my teeth and climb into bed. I think of all the reasons we broke up and wonder if they were legitimate. Of course they were! He stopped caring about me and got jealous of the time I spent with the girls. My brain shifts gears and thinks of Sammy. It would never work, it is long distance and he doesn't think of me in that way. Which is good, we have been friends too long for that nonsense. Still for some reason I go to bed thinking about the possibilities of the two of us and what it might mean for our friendship. He fills my thoughts as I close my eyes that night and I don't fight it.

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