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Hi, my name is Rowa
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By lyndsayviveiros Send DollMail
Created: 2013-12-18 21:25:49 All stories by lyndsayviveiros
"Adora! Please hurry Mrs. Claudine does not have all day and neither do we, you need to get a dress so we can finish our tasks today."

I held both my arms in the air as Mrs. Claudine pulled the corset tighter on my back. I was half expecting her to have to put her foot on my butt as she pulled back but I forgot that I had lost weight due to stress during exams in April and hadn't gained it back yet. . . surprisingly. Claudine finished and opened the door so my mother could see the latest creation.

"That's the one."

I did a sarcastic over exaggerated spin for my cooing mother and turned on my heel back into the room alone.

"Oh Mrs. Claudine you really have outdone yourself this time. She looks breath taking."

"It's not me ma'am you know Adora would look good in a paper bag if she needed to."

I clawed at my back trying to loosen the strings and rolled my eyes silently moving my lips in a mimicking way. The same way young children did when they were teasing each other or disobeying their parents.

"Sure call me the paper bag princess why don't you."

I muttered under my breath and blew a chunk of hair out of my face as i finally struggled out of the dress. I let it fall to the floor in a pink lump. It looked like a cloud of cotton candy and i stared at it for a minute before deciding to leave it there. I pulled on my sun dress and walked out of the room sporting my worn out flip flops and pulled back hair. I could feel my mother's gaze as i walked past her and flopped on the couch pulling my cell phone out of the pocket in my dress.

"Mrs. Claudine I hate to be a bother but while you are here could you pick out something a little more appropriate for my daughter to wear before we continue our day in the public eye?"

My mother took the subtle bow of the head from Claudine as a yes and walked into the closet to pick up the dress.

"This will be in my room until you need it tomorrow night."

My mother left the room gracefully holding the dress in one hand and draping it over the opposite forearm.

"Miss Adora, you are going to give your mother a poor heart attack if you keep dressing like this"

Claudine walked towards my closet as i pouted on the couch and pretended to be busy on my phone. She didn't buy it and when she came back she pulled the phone out of my hand and handed me a longer dress and a pair of wedged sandals. I gave her a look that said, "do I have to?" she laughed and grabbed my hand pulling me up from the couch. I turned towards the bathroom and she gave me a smack on the butt as i walked away. Claudine would never act this way in front of my mother and that's what made my bond with her so special. I did a quick change, let my hair fall out of the pony tail and left my dress and over loved flip flops on the bathroom floor where they took the place of the cotton candy cloud.

"Now Miss Adora, do me a favour today and be nice to your mamma, you know she only wants what is best for you."

I held on to the wedged shoes in one hand and did a small spin for Claudine. She nodded her approval and i walked past her giving her a kiss on the cheek, I slid the shoes on and walked down the hall towards the stairs where i found my Father waiting for me at the bottom.

"Well, well. My little tug boat."

"Stop it you dork." I laughed and ran down the remaining stairs to give my Father a small punch in the arm.

"Ouch!" He grabbed his arm in a over exaggeration, "You may pack a punch but you will always be my tug boat"

I rolled my eyes, gave him a hug and walked past him toward the main lobby.

When I was younger I couldn't pronounce my own name, stupid i know. So i use to call myself Rowa and so as a result my dad started calling me his little tug boat because you row a boat. The name stuck long into my teenage years.

I realized at that moment that Claudine still had my phone. I was going to text some of my girls today telling them how much I missed them. I looked at the GrandFather clock in the lobby and noted the time. When i got home it would be late and with the time difference Whit would probably be asleep, I could text her tomorrow.

Like the other girls my Father had enrolled me in WMB. My Father unlike many other rulers of small countries hadn't wanted only children. Our country was different the crown was not always passed down through the family line. My father had been an adopted nephew of sorts to the last king. When he died he had no children and left the country in my Father's hands. My Father had wanted to do the same thing until my mother told him she was expecting. As soon as I was born he was over joyed that I was a girl, my Father was never one to follow traditions and so he announced to my mother at that moment that I would take over the crown no matter what the people thought. Of course like every fairy tale the people were ecstatic about the new princess and welcomes me with open arms. I was allowed a childhood till the age of 8 then i started my princess training along side my classes and many, many forced hobbies.

I was at WMB by the age of 13 almost two years before any of the other girls. The thing about WMB was that there was no age limit. It acted as an elementary school, high school and university for any one and everyone who could afford it. My father specialized some of my classes from an early age and made sure i was learning everything i needed to for when i would take over. He also insisted i continue my "hobbies". I played piano, soccer, volleyball, violin along with singing and sewing. I was to be my entire countries' golden child.

My mother had made sure someone was there to make sure i dressed appropriately everyday but once she saw who became my best friends she let up and left me alone. I missed that the most. I loved my mother very much but she was very smothering when i was home and was constantly making sure i looked excellent,

"Adora you never know who is going to be where when and for that reason you must dress and act like the princess you are all the time. Princesses get no time off."

Tomorrow was a prime example of her constant smothering. It was the something something gala of sorts and she was in high gear making sure everything was perfect. The errands we had to run today were nails, new makeup colours, hair cuts and jewellery. I didn't really mind being pampered but it does get old when it is expected of you all the time.

After our day of running around i flopped into bed feeling both refreshed and antsy so i fired off a text message to Whit even though it was early in the morning where she was, she would see it in the morning.

*Hey Girl went through another crazy day here in Guardia but what else is new. I miss you a lot and we need to catch up soon! I hope everything is going well for you, I know your mom has been putting a lot of pressure on you since you have been home so I am thinking about you. I will let you know how the Gala goes tomorrow. Is it bad that I don't even know what this one is for? Oh well. Love you! xoxo*

I fell asleep with the phone beside my head. I woke to my mother fussing around in my bathroom laying out all the new makeup colours we had picked out for us yesterday afternoon. I slowly sat up and tried to gather my bearings as i looked around the room. My pile of cotton candy hung on a beautiful silk hanger on the back of the door starring me in the face. I slammed my head back down into all my pillows and let out a groan.

"Oh Adora, quit the drama and get your perky little butt up and out of bed already. Let's go sweetie wakey wakey."

At that moment i heard a rattling of metal and a gentle scraping coming closer to me. Soon I was pinned to my bed getting a new facial from my massive St Bernard Snaffy. I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell her to stop and i was rolling around like a fool trying to get her off. She finally was satisfied with the work she had done and curled up in a ball in my pillows. The only good thing about Gala days was that to keep me out of trouble my mother let me sleep in. I basically was allowed to roll out of bed and then sit in a chair to be prepped all afternoon. So that is what I did, sat in a chair and obeyed simple rules till 6 when guests started to arrive for the Gala. My entrance was at 6:35 right behind my parents. I stood off to the side as I watched my parents. They were so in love. I watched as my mother fixed my Father's suit and stray pieces of hair as he starred at her with a big stupid smile on his face. They turned linked arm in arm facing the door that was a top of a huge staircase.

"Announcing the Royal Family. King Alexander and Queen Vanessa."

The doors were pulled open and my parents stood at the to for 30 seconds like so many times before with smiles on their faces before they started down the stairs. The door closed behind them and I was walked into place. Two young girls Sarah and Jillian fiddled with my jewelled headband and lose hairs along with making sure my dress was neat and tied up. Of course it was Claudine would never send me away half finished.

"Princess Adora."

The doors opened and I put on a smile preparing myself for a long boring night of small talk and awkward dances with strangers. As i descended down the stairs I scanned the crowd for the regular same old boring people, politicians, rich people, business people and a few celebrities. My eyes stopped on a young man who looked to be about my age, he had a gentle smile on his face like he had an opinion but he was keeping it to himself. I quickly took my eyes off him and kept looking through the faces. I had never seen him before and he was intriguing, even for me.

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